Great restaurant SkinnyFats! I went and was “happy”

I stopped by a restaurant called “SkinnyFats” today. My friend Heather Jo Clark (TUF20 contestant and now UFC fighter) first took me to the one on Dean Martin drive last year.
skinnyfats dining area

She loves that place because it has healthy but also naughty food, depending on if you’re watching your diet or not. 🙂 It’s kind of cool how they have the menu laid out: Healthy or “Happy.” hah
happy healthy menue

I like the smiley faces all over the place.
roxy skinnyfats happy face

“Live Healthy” is their motto. That fits with me, right?
front regi pic skinnyfats

Today, I had already packed a healthy lunch for after training of chicken breast, veggies and a Fiber One bar, so I just had a cookie at SkinnyFats. A humongous, delicious….oatmeal raisin cookie. Time to get happy. 😀 They also have tea! and smoothies and juices.
skinnyfats tea

Naturally, I would only eat half. That’s the sensible thing to do. Except that my weight is good and I don’t have a fight in the immediate future…..
cookie skinnyfats
I put the half in my car glove compartment after leaving the restaurant. By the time I got to the post office, that half was half gone.

Needless to say, that cookie never made it home….

There’s a SkinnyFats at the intersection of S. Durango and W. Warm springs! Less than 5 minutes from my gym Syndicate. And for those of you just traveling to Vegas and want to try it, there’s another one just off the strip. I just checked…. a 5 minute taxi ride from Mandalay Bay Casino/Hotel, for example. 😀…