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I’m having a contest! guess how many pairs of socks I own and win stuff! Tell me your guess until Monday the 8th. Either comment or email.(click to enlarge pic)
contest for roxys socks3

Awesome week of training! Monday we did some technique that I really want to use in my next fight, but I need to work it more. Haven’t mastered it yet. Mitts with John was great, as usual. Tuesday’s sparring was great but hard due to some nagging injuries that…nagged.

Here’s Monday’s group pic!
monday group pic 6.1.15
I think also, was it Monday? I think it was last week’s Monday. I got choked unconscious by Jamie. lol
roxy and jamie choke out day
I always tap in practice, but for some reason, I didn’t realize I was going out. One second I was trying to escape the mounted guillotine, the next minute I was wondering how Brittany was doing in Japan, and before I knew it, I was walking around Shinjuku with Brittany sight-seeing. lol Woke up on my back flailing my arms. XD
roxy and jamie choke out day2
Tuesday was kickboxing sparring and I sparred Captain for the first time. (Alexandre Capitao from Brazil). He picked me apart! 😀 But not as much as he could have had I been more tired, so I went for him right away as soon as sparring started. LOL I hit him once or twice in 5 minutes and “almost” took him down. Such a cool guy. XD Jungle Fight champion..let’s see….HOLY MACKEREL look at this guy’s record!

I wish he could speak English…or I could remember my Portuguese.

Wednesday I worked some stretching and strength and conditioning with Luke. It hurt. Could have been worse, though! Shouganai. Can’t be helped. I’ve got goals to reach.

Thursday I felt so off and my timing sucked and I was getting hit in the face every 5 seconds. grr! BUT I was able to do a few good techniques I was working on successfully! So there was some worth in my practice! Yay!

Then I went home, collapsed for a bit, lifted weights and did yoga. ug x_x Tripple session. I thought I was going to pass out until I drank my cocktail of supps….haha I put literally every supplement I had in soy milk. XD glutatmine, BCAA, Protein, and RECON recovery stuff. hah Felt better after that.

Today…..I really wanna stay home but I really wanna work on the stuff we did on Monday. I hope John (or Tom) has us do that.

I finished watching “History’s Greatest Disciple Kenichi!” I really loved it! Not just the plot, but the quotes that the masters say!

I decided to stop watching Soul Eater. It’s entertaining, but over half of the characters annoy me, and I’m not super into it.

I started watching TUF season 16 on Fightpass! 🙂 Roy Nelson vs Shane Carwin!…