excellent training, last week’s UFC, Japanese, Once Upon a Time

This week was a great week for me! I’m back at full power for training. Lots of process with technique on mitts. Trying to work some new things on the ground. Struggling a bit with a few new things, but it’s always like that for me before it falls into place. I think that should happen any day now. haha

I’ve been trying SO hard and finally was able to lose a few pounds of fat, so instead of walking around at 145, I’m at 141.5. That’s nice. 😀 I was lifting and eating a lot, and gained both fat and muscle. I usually try and hang out around 141 when I don’t have a fight set.

Awesome sparring, mostly with the ladies Jamie and Hannah! We went hard and I felt great.
Haha this is the “Ultimate Selfie” taken by Tony Diaz. hah!
(click to enlarge)

Last weekend I got to watch a lot of my friends fight in the UFC. I’m heartbroken for Jessamyn Duke who lost by decision to Elisabeth Philips. ;_; So happy for Miesha and Bryan and Tom! 😀 I hung out with Bootsy, Mishel, new friend Charlie, and….

hannah and roxy happy at tom's win

Tynan and his cousin
tynan and cousin at alehouse

Heather and Morgan
heather and morgan at alehouse

…at the Alehouse. 😀

Bryan won!
bryan winning on tv
Tom won!
tom lawlor on tv
I’m nervous when my friends and teammates fight, but I’m like TWICE as nervous when my coaches fight. There’s not only the caring about them personally, but the fact that I look up to them and they teach me stuff. Man, I was wringing my hands the whole time. lol He was so cool, though!

I went to Luke and Corey’s baby shower! It was so nice! There were mostly fighters or acrobats there. haha
Luke's baby shower party pic

I’m trying to study Japanese A LOT leading up the UFC Japan in September. I want to get another job as an interpreter and my Japanese has gone down the tubes. So I’m watching anime every day for listening practice, I’m also listening to interviews by Japanese fighters who are supposed to be on the upcoming card, and practicing translating what they say. My friend Goto-san is helping correct my Japanese. Seriously, I’d be lost without him!
I’m making a notebook of phrases I need. Especially hard words like “Diuretics.” Rinyo saiyo ni aru kusuri. Such an unusual word I’m having trouble memorizing it.
pic of notebook studying japanese
(there’s one kanji mistake on here I’ve since corrected btw but I’m sure nobody’ll notice haha)

I finished Once Upon a Time season 2!
I loved this scene so much!
mad hatter and daughter
(Season one, actually)

dark ones
Why do I like Rumplestiltskin and Hook so much? They’re bad guys but like my favorite characters. lol I probably empathize with them, and Colin O’Donoghue is kind of good looking. *_*…