Having a grand ole time with Hannah Fitzpatrick now that she’s back after five months of being away and leaving me lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! 😀 😀 😀 She’s looking to do her pro debut soon, after having 9 amateur fights.

Last Sunday we went window shopping!
roxy and hannah shopping
Didn’t find what she was looking for, but she made me try on dresses, none of which I bought. And posted them all over the internet. I don’t have the occasion or desire to wear them….

roxy dresses
I mean, what if I get attacked and have to karate myself out of the situation, and kick and people see my underwear? Or try and run away from a bad guy and can’t in high heels? Total disaster. (That’s exactly what I thought when I was ten years old, which is about the time I purposely stopped wearing dresses.) LOL Now I have other excuses for not wearing them….

Hannah has re-joined Syndicate and along with Jessica, helped me train physically and also in Mortal Kombat.
She helped me with an MMA cardio circuit last Wednesday.
hannah and roxy circuit
Hit mitts! Pick up the bag! Slam it! ground and pound! Take me down! Get up from bad positions! wall walk! mitts! take me down! get off the cage! We did rounds.
mortal kombat reserach 1
I have great friends.
Hannah slaughters me with every character she chooses. x_x especially Mileena.
mortal kombat research 2
I have to study Mileena and also how to use sai. THEY ARE HARD. x_X;;

group pic. See Shawn on the ground underneeth everyone? hahahaha his Instagram hashtags are hilarious.
group pic syndicate feb
People are laughing…I wonder if this was when someone said, “Roxy’s teabagging Shawn!” and I said, “I don’t even know what that means!” which is true. I remember googling it sometime a year ago when I first heard the term but I forget. ^^;; hah… maybe I don’t need to know.

Here’s a pretty cool shot of John giving me a hug after winning my last fight! I’ve said it before, but I’ve had a lot of “teachers,” but have never had a coach who has given me so much time and attention to make me into a better fighter. I just hope I can perform impressively in my next fight!

I’ve been watching various TV shows. I’m into World Trigger
world trigger

but kind of put that on hold and watched Blade of the Immortal. I’ve always wanted to read the manga because I thought the art was pretty and the main guy was bad-ass *_*.
blade of the immortal
I read the first novel at Serena’s house. It was so bloody I decided to stop, but then saw that there was an anime and got suckered in. x_x At least it’s only 13 eps…I like it but it’s to graphic for my sensitive sensibilities. Kind of like Attack on Titan. So good I wanna marathon-watch it but I’m looking forward to it being over so I can stop exposing my psyche to violence…

Also I figured out that cannon eps got released in between all the fillers for Naruto so I’m trying to finish the series. I’m on ep like 415 now. I’ve also been watching that new series Lucifer.