My title fight! My kids class! Comedy show!

Hi guys, nothing’s really new here except, oh, I HAVE AN INVICTA TITLE SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY.

title shot pic

I’ve had title shots before in my career, but they’ve never been like this before, where you actually have to fight your way through the ranks and earn it. This is so exciting. Maybe my Strikeforce fight against Sarah Kaufman is comparable…. but I’m trying to think of this just as another fight to take off the pressure, because once I get in there, it’s all the same. I just want to fight skilled people, and Jennifer Maia is awesome. She seems pretty nice, too. (I follow her on social media) so I think I can’t fake-trash talk her. She can’t speak English anyway. Hmmm what should I do to build up the fight?

So excited! Actually, I had thought I might be fighting on the July card, so I lost some weight and upped my cardio. Then in the beginning of July, I suddenly found out it would be the next card three months later. ;_; I decided to move up my trip to Japan to cover my disappointment, so that’s why I went in July rather than September. I gained few pounds and managed to stay in decent cardio shape.

I came back and got food poisoning and lost those few pounds in like 3 days. -_-;;; So now I’m at a relatively low weight where I can finish my diet in two weeks. That means I can have RECOVERY TOSTADAS from Taco Bell, and more ice cream in my diet than I normally would dieting for my fight. Whenever I have ice cream I feel more energetic the next day. Obviously. Calories give you energy. And by “ice cream,” I mean like a mini blizzard, or one of those 150 calorie cups you get at the supermarket, or $2 worth of frozen yogurt at the self-serve place. I never eat too much anyway because I’d get a sugar crash or upset stomach.

Coach John Wood has been teaching me all sorts of new movements and combos.
roxy and john and jamie
He’s so good at analyzing fights, and teaching me stuff that works for my natural tendencies and the way I move. I’m so glad I have him. He deserves a medal for teaching the striking dummy how to strike. lol

Speaking of good teachers, my teammate Adam Acquaviva is also super good at explaining techniques- the second best I’ve ever met. (right)

shawn and adam and roxy

I just have a really hard time understanding moves if every little detail isn’t outlined in a way my brain comprehends. John and Adam are super good at it. Yesterday, I was so frustrated and upset over not being able to get this one move. I asked Adam for his input and he made a suggestion that I think will really work for me. I’m so excited to try it out!

I don’t get upset if I can’t do something but I know what to do. I get upset if I’m forgetting something, missing something, confused, or I think I’m doing it right and it’s not working and I don’t know why. That’s the difference.

Soooo everybody’s next question is “What will your weigh-in costume be?” WELL, can you guess it?
he man and she ra roxy 2

For the Honor of Syndicate, I will be victorious!
he man and she ra roxy

So I’ve never actually watched the TV show, I just had the action figures. When I did watch the show two weeks ago on youtube, I laughed so hard at how old and corny it was, but whatever. 🙂 John loves it, so it’ll be fun. Last time when I brought my metal Mileena Sai on stage, I kind of got scolded because they were actual weapons. Jin Yuu Frey had fake guns that looked real, so that wasn’t good. But these swords are foam. And they look like foam. lol Oh well, we’ll see…

So my kids class is getting bigger and bigger! I’m teaching them all sorts of life lessons, like how to not push each other out of the way to form a circle – say “Excuse me!” instead, and no fighting out of anger, and how to not call your classmates names. And I finally figured out a way to threaten them to get them to stop being mean to each other. After two were complaining that they were calling each other names, I said, “If you are mean to your classmates, I’ll put you up against someone really big and hard when you spar.” They were like….

panick anime girl

Exactly the reaction I wanted! And then they all looked over at Michael, the biggest strongest kid in class (besides Kailin) who throws everybody around. HAHAHA I started laughing! That was hilarious.
laughing luffy
Michael was like, “What? Me?” LMAO (He’s the one with the red shirt on the far right)

kids class august 2016

Commedian Adam Hunter occasionally does shows in Vegas and invited me and some of my team! I went on Wednesday. I always want to go, but I’m usually too tired or it’s too late, so I’m glad I could go this time! 😀
adam hunter's show
(click to enlarge)

Fewer sexual jokes flew over my head! I think I learned some vocabulary since his last show. Probably from his last show. LOL He’s so funny. I love when he teases audience members. LOL I highly recommend anyone to go see his show! Often in the LA comedy club in the Stratosphere.

I started to watch the anime Fairy Tail. It’s cute so far. On ep 4 now. And I’m revisiting Once Upon a Time Season 5 because I stopped in the middle.…