JoJo’s UFC fight prep, Sarah K, skinnyjeans, strength training, Serena’s Bday, anime, etc

Last week was challenging because I was off my normal rhythm for training, but it was still fantastic. I usually skip one MMA class in the middle of the week and replace it with physical conditioning to get a mental and physical break, but I’ve been trying to match JoJo’s schedule to help her prepare for her fight. I’m so happy she wants me to be her partner! She’s become one of my best training partners because we challenge each other, foil each other’s moves, and then have to ask Coach John or Pyle how to do better. We’re better at different things both on the feet and on the ground. For example, she triangle choked me out a few times in sparring. wth? I never get triangled. I was bewildered. So it forced me to review my escapes. I forced her to get better at escaping from underneath. I’m VERY aware of elbows from a clinch now. I really love our training together. She’s very controlled, too, so she can go hard without hurting me. Thanks for being such a good training partner. None of us want concussions or injuries in the gym where we are training to get better and do our jobs at a later date.

JoJo is SO ready for her fight! Looking and feeling sharp. I can’t wait! I get to go help in her corner! I leave for Brooklyn on Thursday night.

I had two jiujitsu private lessons with Mike this week. I did three mitt sessions with John since I lost my wrestling private partner, but I have to find another one. I still am emotional about that, but that’s life right? In the striking world, minor adjustments to my balance and footwork are increasing the force of my strikes, so I’m happy about that. I’ve been constantly making great strides. I’m really grateful for the time Coach John always spends with me, in and out of fight camp, and also Mike, who stays past our private session to watch my practice and shout advice when I’m sparring somebody.

JoJo snapped this pic of me listening to Mike’s advice after three hard rounds

Both JoJo and I are wearing our Cryohelmets, which have inlaid ice packs. It feels so good after training, and aids recovery, especially after getting hit in the head. I always wear headgear, but you can never be too careful with your brain in this sport. It’s also good for regular headaches and migraines. They’re my sponsor, but I believe in the product 100% and helped me out SO much in the past when I was recovering from minor concussions, and also now, to prevent stuff. check out

Sarah Kaufman had come to Syndicate to help JoJo train, especially during the holidays when lots of people, including myself, were away visiting family. I previously fought her so it took some getting used to to train with her (and get smushed lol) but I got a LOT out of our sessions together technique-wise, and we became friends! Thanks for helping me with my wrestling private and explaining stuff. Now she’s gone and I really miss her. ;_; Like, driving to the gym, “Dang I wish Sarah were hereeeee.” I’ll never forget our final girly shopping trip to target together when you and JoJo convinced me to buy skinnyjeans.

Or when you gave me a hug or pat on the back when I was crying and upset in the locker room over stuff. <3 And taught my kids classes when I was away for Christmas.

Yeah, I own my first skinnyjeans. And a hex bar which I bought with an Amazon gift card from family and friends! 😀

I’ve been training hard, as always, and Lorenzo, my physical trainer, is having me work more on power in the recent months, since I don’t have a fight set yet. Which I wish I did. :/

This tire is getting easier to flip! 😀

Last Thursday was my bestie Serena’s birthday! I messaged her mom and we plotted together! It went perfectly! We both prepped food and my apartment, and then her mom came over with the spare key and let in the guests, who I told to arrive at 6:45. Then at 7, I drove us home from teaching kids. The lights were off, the cake was lit, and we broke into song! 😀 Haha I had to stall at the grocery store for like 20 minutes, so I asked her a question about beer and she kept going on and on. I just listened, thinking, “Oh yeah, keep talking, buddy.” LOL It was very interesting and I think I will actually retain some of that information. Serena knows a lot of stuff.

She was happy. Yaaaay.

I’ve barely had time to breath. Sorry to all my friends who I haven’t been texting. Just before bed, I try to get at least 10 minutes of some anime in to help me relax. Mushishi is great and relaxing. This wanderer is like a sage and “doctor” of strange creatures called “Mushi,” and helps people with ailments related to them. It’s like fairy tails!

I liked the anime “Servamp.” Apparently it was popular in Japan because I learned about it when I saw merchandise at Animate in Japan. Vampires become linked to their owners and become “servants.” Vampire + servants = servamp. lol I’ve been watching that one with Candy.

The third Godzilla anime movie came out on Wednesday, so I rewatched #2 and then finished #3 yesterday. OMG fantastic, and shocking but not surprising. The ending was very Japanese. And, just like most Godzilla movies, the plot wasn’t about monster battles, but a strong commentary on society. And I basically knew all the voice actors, so it was cool that they are going down in history for this. 🙂

Serena got a “Deku” hoodie from the anime My Hero Academia. I already had All Might clothes, so we posed together! 😀

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