UFC Gaming at Fan Experience, Coolr

Training is fantastic. It always has its ups and downs, where I learn something new and get frustrated if I can’t do it immediately, but I know to just keep trying and I’ll figure out a way. Coach John is such a great teacher. I’ve also learned the value of my teammates re-wording things. Cory Hendricks helped me out a few times with tips, and Chris Curtis pointed out a few things about my balance and stance while shifting positions that has REALLY helped me! I’m so grateful.

Over the years around the 4th of July, the UFC put on an Expo! I remember it took place in a huge indoor venue with all kinds of companies showing their wears, martial arts demonstrations, a jiujitsu tournament, etc! It’s there I found sponsors Trebla Glovesox, Outlaw Fight Gear, Quest Nutrition, and I even met one of my best friends Candy! And Julie!

Julie aka Meili Fighting shorts owner, Candy, Dan Severn, Roxy, Serena 2014 Fan Expo
I did a signing for Fear the Fighter with Julianna! 2014
2014 UFC Expo

The UFC Fan Experience was in an air conditioned tent. I mean, it was free for fans instead of people having to pay to get in. When the Reebok deal went down, other companies couldn’t show their stuff, so? I guess the UFC decided to downsize. It’s still a dream come true for me to be a part of it! For SIX years I was going as a fan, and finally now that I’m in the UFC, I was hoping I’d get to be one of those people up on the stage feeling like I mattered enough that people wanted to meet me and get a picture with me. 🙂 It was awesome! I actually was assigned to the Gaming section where I thought I’d be playing against the fans, but instead, I was playing against pro Rogue Gamers. UH OH! But they weren’t familiar with the UFC 3 game either, so we were in the same boat. I was afraid my chances of winning would decrease once they started getting use to the controls, but it turns out I needed to have more confidence in my ability. I was big into video games from high school up to about 10-ish years ago, but I like any gamer, I can pick up controls and figure it out eventually. Our matches were being streamed on Twitch, apparently. Thank you for setting me up with this, Danny my manager, Dana, and UFC!

an art director and I in front of the gaming lounge 2019

I remembered another reason why I didn’t play the UFC games other than being too tired at the end of the day. When I lost, I felt bad seeing the image of my friends get hurt and knocked out. It looks just like them, right? I feel sad and upset! Like OMG JOJO! ;_; Noooo. It upset me.

So I stopped playing with people yesterday I know personally and chose Kevin Gastelum. I actually had the best luck with him. lol

Then I hears someone shout “CHRIS WEIDMAN IS COMING!” He popped up and was like “HEY GUYS!”

Apparently he was good at the game and wanted a challenge, which wasn’t me. I was playing as Miesha, Huskers was Liz Carmouche, and we had each won one round, I think. I handed my controls to Chris. Huskers handed his to me. Chris literally knocked me out in 15 seconds. I was like, “Yeah…. I’m just gonna switch seats with you.” I let him play against Huskers, who he beat, too, but it wasn’t really fair since he didn’t know the game super well, either.

Then the staff dragged Chris away because I think he had some autograph appointment. LOL That was cool, though. In 2014 I literally waited in line for an hour with Katie to get his autograph. 😀

I then rushed home to teach kids class, which went really well. I even made my private lesson with Aleena. I taught her a bunch of secret techniques hopefully she can use in her tournament next weekend.

Aleena and Scarlett

I adore my students. Oh, I have a new sponsor! It’s “Coolr!” They make coolers that are insulated and come with ice packs and food prep containers.

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