huge update – living and fighting

So much as been going on but I haven’t really been writing. I was so excited about my Fusion Fight League match in Montana, but honestly, when I lost I was so depressed about it that I didn’t want to mention it, so I avoided this blog. I’m on a big losing streak with my fights now. It really sucks and eats at one’s self-confidence. Yeah, I know just because you lose a combat match doesn’t mean you suck. I still have skills blahblah. I always do everything I can to prepare for things to the best of my ability. I’m never lazy, but I only have so much time in the day to do things. Last time in my Submission Underground match, I lost in overtime by armbar, so I took a bunch of private lessons to get better at escaping the arm bar.

It turns out that this time we DIDN’T do EBI rules, and she didn’t get me with an armbar. She went for a heel hook- the most dangerous submission – on my newly healed leg, so I just tapped so I wouldn’t get reinjured. I should have used those privates to review my leg-lock escapes more. Who knew?

She didn’t do it to be a jerk, either. It was just one of those unfortunate things. Barb and I made friends. I keep trying to tell myself that I have a new battle sister.

I got to walk out with Genki Sudo’s flag: “We are all one!”

I weighed in as Spider-girl.

The trip itself was great! I got to see my friend Bonny and hang out with her and her husband Bo. Chris’ mom and her husband also drove down from northern Montana to stay a few days, hang out, and watch me compete. That was really really nice!

Chris and I

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I don’t want to say I regret doing the match, but instead, I’ve decided that I shouldn’t do grappling matches until I stop fighting for the UFC. I just can’t put 100% energy into preparing for them. Losing hurts my spirit very badly, and this losing streak is bad for my spirit. However, I really wanted to take the opportunity with Fusion FFL, though, and I really want to fight for them again. Thank you so much for having me and please invite me again! Maybe in a year or so…

So now it’s August 25th and a month and a half have passed since my last blog. (like my last confession lol) I’m no longer fighting Tatiana Suarez because she injured her knee. Poor girl! She keeps getting freaking major injuries!

Tatiana and I – i met her in the Performance Institute

I’ve been rematched up with Talia Santos. That’s fine…. Sorry for making you wait until after my knee surgery! She wants my top ten spot. 🙂 That’s fine. Some people call me a gatekeeper. That’s fine.

I moved again! Rather, I’m moving. It’s a complicated story so we’ll just say I’m starting to rent a house together with my boyfriend, and rent out my condo! I have a good plan and a good idea! Let’s see if it works out. There’s a lot of potential! So far Chris is 99% moved in, I’m 50% moved in, and my first tenant is like 40% moved in. Tomorrow movers are coming to bring my furniture and heavy boxes I prepared. Chris and I are trying to move essentials and delicates by car.

making smores!

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