My 39th Birthday, my 49th fight, my one-year anniversary, Halloween

My birthday was September 24th. I always enjoy my birthday! It’s an excuse to get together with friends. I reflect on my year and all that I’ve done. I had a great year being 38. I met the love of my life, Chris, and had many great experiences. Unfortunately, I lost most of my fights… That wasn’t so great. I always tried really hard and never slacked on preparation.

I hated Fight Island. It was a memorable experience, though.

I had two pro grappling matches.

I really enjoyed the experiences, except felt lousy that I lost the matches.

I got to meet Chris’ entire family! I loved that. They are really good people. I really get along with his mom and sister.

I also introduced Chris to most of MY family. Yay family. I got to see my cousin JoeJoe get married.

I had knee surgery and recovered from that.
I became a dog-mom.
I bought a condo! Now I’m renting it out.
My birthday was my weight-in day and Lorenzo sang to me and brought me cake. The UFC wished me Happy Bday, and I got treats from UFC staff. 🙂

Unfortunately, I fought my fight and I couldn’t win.  I managed to catch my opponent Taila and pin her into the cage, but I couldn’t take her down.

She surprised me by taking me down, and jammed my head into the cage at a weird angle.  I couldn’t cut the angle to go for submissions, but I was able to get up eventually.  I really wanted submissions, but wasted time going for them.  Before I knew it, the fight was over and I had lost the decision.

That really sucked. I was really frustrated because I couldn’t hear my corner. I know at the end of the day I’m alone in there and I felt very alone inside the cage.

I’m grateful my coaches trained me and came with me, of course.

oooh oooh I met Robbie Lawler!  So excited to be able to tell him that he inspired me to start fighting MMA!

Chris had the idea to do the Attack on Titan salute for weigh-ins.  Good idea, my love!  Shinzo wo sasageyo!  I think I looked cool. 😀

It’s been rough lately. I’m training again now, of course. It’s not fun, though.

Halloween has been good so far. I had a little party at my place with some friends. I enjoyed dressing up. Yaaay friends.

I don’t know when my next fight is yet. I want it to be booked … I dunno if I should be impatient or patient.  I want to get on with it, honestly. Things are chaotic right now in my fight life.

One thing I do know.

I’ve always wanted to have a KO on my record. I have submission wins, decision wins, and TKO wins. I want to knock somebody out. And I have one last chance…..

I really enjoy being a UFC fighter.  It is literally my life goal to fight in the UFC!  It was never my original goal to be UFC champion, just to fight.  Remember, when I first started, women weren’t in the UFC!

My next fight will be number 50 for me. It will be internationally recognized as number 45 (because officials don’t count TUF fights). I can’t wait to break the world record. I know Shinashi (44 fights) is thinking about fighting again, but if I can be selfish, I kinda hope she doesn’t?…I really want to be number one at something. lol

This week is Chris’ and my one year anniversary! Whoohoo! It’s my first time to have a one year anniversary with somebody! 😀

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