Unicorn Jiujitsu, Fightpass Invitational match, anime!


I did a seminar at Unicorn Jiujitsu in Portland, Oregon!  Thanks, Jeff Shaw, for introducing me to Hillary and recommending my seminar!  I had a splendid time.  It was so cool getting to know Hillary, and going to a school with a female owner.  There were lots of women but also a lot of men.  I met so many nice people.  I taught a kickboxing class on Friday, did some drilling in the morning on Saturday with Hillary, taught a fundamentals class at 11 AM, and then did my seminar Sunday morning.

On Saturday afternoon, after eating and showering, she took me to Pittock Mansion.  Built in 1907, it was owned by a wealthy newpaper owner. 

We got to see old-style living, furniture, technology, etc.  I had never seen a shower of the time!  There were all these pipes, levers, and it was just interesting how it was all put together.

The view from atop of the hill was incredible!  Hillary also took me to Powel’s book store, which encompasses an entire block of downtown.  We only wandered around the fiction/fantasy section.

I had a super busy June.  I’m doing substitute teaching for an ESL school (English as a second language).  It’s irregular work but I’m not sure I want to do it full-time because of the schedule, and various other reasons, but I’m glad to do it sometimes.  It makes me feel good to dress in nice clothes and do a professional job other than fighting. I love teaching language. I had a couple weeks of doing that in June, and then I had International Fight Week!

I remember going to my first UFC Expo in 2014, I think it was. 

I loved walking around, seeing all the various shops with MMA-related stuff up for sale.  I also waited in line with Celia (I met her for the first time there!) to get autographs of famous fighters like Arlovski, for example. 

This time, I got hired to be one of those people up on stage.  It was a dream come true!  I sat up there thinking, “This is SO COOL!”  Fans actually lined up to talk to me, get my autograph, and chat for a minute!  A bunch of people wanted to shoot fireballs, so I ran around the desk and posed with them.  What an honor to be able to do that.  Thank you to my manager Danny for setting it up, and for the UFC for inviting me.

Then I got to go to the fights at the T-Mobile.

That was Saturday.  On Sunday, I had my Fightpass Invitational Grappling match against Michele Oliveira.  I weigh-ed in wearing Princess Leia but I don’t think anybody really cared or took too many pictures. It’s okay.

On Sunday I competed!  I did well – I didn’t get tapped out with a leg lock, like I did in my last two matches.  I went for some. I’ve been working on them a lot lately.  I lost by decision because she got some good positions on me.  I was bummed but proud of myself at the same time.  I really liked Michele.  She was nice, friendly, and humble upon victory. 

I just finished watching the third season of The Umbrella Academy.  I really love that series!  Wow!

As for anime, I’ve been re-watching Naruto with Chris, Boruto by myself, and One Piece. 

Next week I get nose surgery to fix my deviated septum!  Very excited to be able to breathe normally again.

Still working on the new book. Get my old ones in the store on this website!


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