Big news! I’m pregnant!

Well, I’m pregnant! I’m so excited! My husband and I are excited. We’ve been wanting a child but, in the sense of the Idiocracy movie, wanted to wait until our jobs were stabled, we got a house, etc. Well, we got those things for the most part. I was kind of worried about my age, thinking, Oh gosh, I’m 41 now, if another year goes by, maybe I should just give up and consider adoption or something. Or maybe just not have kids. And that made me sad. So I tried not to think about it.

Then we decided to go ahead and try for kids, and I realized I was pregnant pretty quickly! In October 2023! (That means he’ll be born at the end of July). I realized I missed my menstrual cycle and started feeling queasy. I didn’t tell anyone other than my best friends and family for a while. I got three big pregnancy books from the library and read them in a few weeks. Note: It was the first time I’d been to the library in 9 years. Anyway, they said that the first trimester is the most risky, so after I safely got out of the first trimester, I told my boss and gym members. I could scarcely believe I was going to be a mom! I didn’t want to count my chick before it hatched, you know…

Then I wanted to get a pic with Chris and I in Bulma-Vegeta clothes. I finally told the world a month ago. 🙂

Vegeta is strict and always seems angry, but the whole DBZ universe agrees he’s a better parent than Goku. lol and Bulma is a good mom.

Morning sickness wasn’t fun, but it also wasn’t as bad as some. I just felt queasy all the time all day. I never threw up, though. I had food aversions to everything. Couldn’t eat steak, and 50% of the food I liked. However, I could always find something. I had friends who couldn’t keep any food or water down and needed IVs.

Chris was telling me constantly to drink a gallon of water, but it was really hard for me because anything other than a small sip made me queasy. 🙁 Then I forgot to take small sips because it didn’t feel natural. That was a hard issue for me, for us. I tried really hard but could only get down a gallon after the morning sickness went away by the end of January.

I quit caffeine. All the books and the doctors said that I didn’t have to – limit yourself to one cup of coffee a day, or 200 mg or something like that. Still…it’s a drug. And kids are coming out with more neurological problems than they used to have generations ago, and most authorities aren’t admitting anything. After I talked to my mom and finding out that SHE quit, I decided to suffer and do the same. I came out stable, and if she could do it, I can do it. I mean, it is a drug and passes through the placental barrier. Who knows what it’s actually doing to the kid? Docs say it’s fine, but docs are saying a lot of things I’ve been distrusting lately.

To be honest, ever since I stopped fighting, I tried to reduce my caffeine thinking I wanted to be pregnant. I didn’t have to be alert to fight for my life every morning. I used to take a caffeine pill of 100 or 150 mgs, and then tea, which had like 60 mg, so that’s about two strong cups of coffee (210 mgs). Upon retiring from fighting, I cut the pill into fourths and took 50 mgs, plus tea was 100 total, so reducing by half. Then when I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t get any headaches when I dropped all caffeine completely.

I do feel less energetic and alert. I hate going into my day feeling drowsy, but oh well. That’s the sacrifice. I’ll allow myself half a cup or a full cup of black tea once a month if I wake up feeling really bad so that I can get through work in the morning. I think my hubby is unhappy about that, but I think I’m being reasonable. I get to choose one day a month where I feel like crap, and tea only helps a little. I miss tea btw! My research shows that lots of herbal tea-research is inconclusive, and there were a lot of contradicting things said. For example, one website recommended drinking chamomile for morning sickness, while every other site said that chamomile can induce miscarriages. What?! Also ginger was good for nausea, said one site, but another site said it could have negative effects on the fetus! So what tea could I drink?

I made sure to get at least three sources before deciding on things. And the verdict is:

Peppermint. Peppermint is the ONLY TEA that had ZERO websites saying there was a negative effect. ALL other herbal teas had contradictory information. Example, one site said, “Oh it’s great!” Another said, “Actually it blocks this process or inhibits the development of XYZ but actually we aren’t sure because nobody wants to do studies on pregnant mothers and their babies.” So Celestial Seasonings has a tea with the only ingredient being peppermint and no other additive. A website even had something to say about ginger. Like five other sources including mothers and my doctor said it was good, so I decided to have it maybe once a month or something. I’m still suspicious. I’m turning really paranoid lately, gosh. Hey, no chances.

I stopped training jiujitsu! Well, I drilled with partners I trusted until the middle of February (a few weeks ago). Then, when my abdomen really started to stick out, and I started feeling out of breath trying to sit up, I thought, gee, I probably shouldn’t be squishing the little guy anymore with my movements, even if we weren’t putting any pressure down on him from above. It’s okay, I was mentally ready for it. I’ve been doing physical training, although no more jogging. I have to sleep on my side at night now because docs say the weight of the baby will disrupt blood flow to my vena cava arteries in my spine. -_-; Hmm I dunno….I’m a back sleeper and am not sleeping well on my side. But am I going to argue and complain? What if they’re right? I can’t take that chance, so I’ll just suffer for the next five months. It’s not like it’s forever. Lots of women have it worse.

I really don’t think any physical discomfort I’ll have can be worse than any pain I’ve already experienced in my life of fighting, so I’m trying not to complain at all. 🙂 I’m still working and teaching at Tribe and Nomad. I have to get the kids to help me demonstrate moves sometimes, but that’s fine! I’m going to retire from teaching English in July and be a stay-at-home mom.

Let’s see, what else. I’ve still been enjoying Baldur’s Gate a little bit. Chris and I are trying to get an actual DnD game going. The only problem is he wants to do it ASAP and I don’t know what I’m doing, so I’m trying to read up. I need silence to study, and he needs noise, so I can’t study when we’re together, which reduces my study time. I try to do it in the morning before work, but lately, work has required me to do a lot of extra prep (school teachers, right?) so I haven’t had the time. We’ve been watching Reacher and Vox Machina on Amazon Prime.

Chris is being very caring, and protective of me and us. *_* He’s so sweet. I love being married to him.

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