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I did mitts with John on Wednesday morning.

roxy john in ring march 2014
Thanks! You’re the best.

Then did YOGA that afternoon. Hot Yoga, because that was the place Heather introduced me to. It was too hot, and I felt like I was gonna pass out like over 5 times. 🙁 The moves and Yoga itself was great! The teacher was great! But I wish I could do NOT-hot Yoga in normal humidity. I’m positive I didn’t like it because I jumped right into HOT yoga. But my back felt better afterwards! So anything!!!! Anything for my MMA career! I’m going again today. Hopefully my stomach won’t act up. I’m having issue lately. IBS is horrible. 🙁

I had great sparring on Thursday! 😀 We finished off with round-robin sparring with Michelle and Jamie.

I taught the kids class Thursday afternoon, and rolled with all the bigger kids for 45 minutes. x_x so tired, hahaha, but good. I love teaching them.

On the 50’s episode count in Bleach.
ichigo cool

Friday morning’s training was good, other than the fact that I forgot my sports bra and had to speed home to get it. That reduced time for my mandatory 30 min warm-up/stretching, so I was freaking out. _< LADIES! THE SPORTS BRA SHOULD BE THE FIRST THING INTO YOUR GYM BAG. Protect this rule religiously and you'll never have a sports-bra accident again. And I wanted to crawl home and die after practice. x_x But I met my friend Anna, and went home to ice bath, so I could force my body to work some more. I went to the North American Grappling Tournament (NAGA) run by my old friend Kipp Kollar from Connecticut, and team, and helped set up and sell T shirts. 😀 kipp and t shirts
They had such cool merchandise! And the shirts had lots of puns! XD I love puns.

Saturday I worked at NAGA all day. I didn’t get to actually see any of my teammates’ matches, but I got to see them leaving with metals, belts, and trophies! 😀

fighting family

lincoln and sword

rhyanna and belt

and this is a family that was so nice to me! They gave me hugs and said they loved me and wished me well on my next fight in Invicta. I was so touched. I wanted a group picture of my own! :}
fan family picture

And Fight Life Media did a very nice interview with me. For a nice big quality screen, go here:

to just watch it on youtube, here: