So happy! Training and more training!! :D

Monday, I had trained with Miesha and shown her and Bryan around various places in Japan. Click here to check out my previous blog entry. I also made this little video. I was going to make more of a video blog, but it turned into a silly interview about gnocchi, instead. LOL That’s because the food came just as I was about to start.

Tuesday (the 5th) felt weird because I had had two days off in a row (Sunday and Monday…I always work on Sunday, but I took a paid vacation to go to the UFC this time). I taught at my day-care center, did chores in my lunch break, and then met Miesha and Bryan to take them to Groundslam again. We all did the “Pro grappling class.” Again, I was worried about my injury, because it was my SECOND day back and I wasn’t supposed to be sparring. Haha ^^;; But I just tried to watch out for it, and it didn’t hurt! I was so excited! 😀 It was blissful!
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I got my butt handed to me multiple times, but oh well. ^^; Bryan actually trained, which surprised me, because I never train for a week after my fights. It was an honor, thank you. He tapped me with the guillotine FIVE TIMES in five minutes, so I finally said, “Hey, how do I defend that?” ^^; He took the time to teach me, which was really cool. And It was so simple, I thought, “Duh” and so stupid that I hadn’t realized earlier.

That day of training made me think really hard about my future and training situations. And future work situation.

Look, Katsumura-san is having so much fun grappling Bruce Leeroy (Alex) who also visited Groundslam! He and I are in a similar boat- we’re not supposed to spar too hard, but these awesome famous people visited the gym, so we’re like, “Screw it! Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! 😀 “ Look at his face! XD I love this expression. A man after my own heart!
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After grappling, I went back to work and taught. X_x That night, I drank every supplement I own. Hahaha! I was so wrecked. I drank 4 SOCK OFF recovery pills (the limit), two scoops of glutamine, vitamins, and my FLEXIjoint joint pills (with glucosamine and other stuff for joints).

Wednesday, I woke up so exhausted but it would have been MUCH worse had I not taken all that. I LOVE SOCK OFF, seriously, that stuff really helps. But my eye killing me again, wtf? All red and painful. I didn’t go to training, but instead, to the eye doctor, and then chatted with an old friend who was visiting Japan from the US. Then work. Kids kids kids adults!

Wanted to go to Omigawa-san’s Neo Judo class Wednesday nights, but was too wrecked this week. The Kawasaki Yoshida Dojo is near Cineccitta in Kawasaki! Thursday morning, I had an early appointment in Shibuya with Magic Man Mihara-san, and got osteopathic treatment. Then booked it back to Yokohama to do class. I ended up walking in in the middle of Omigawa-san and Jango and Steve discussing this passing technique from being on top in guard. So I drilled it with them. Then Steve went to teach the beginner who had come, and I latched onto Omigawa-san and did more drilling with him. Thanks! ^^;; Then I taught him some English words to make up for it. He was happy about that. Especially, now that he’s teaching at Neo Judo and English speakers might be going.

I do not remember what I did after that. O_o; Something interesting. Oh, I went BACK to Shibuya to do chores, then decided to skip BJJ drilling Thursday night and relax. Megumi sent me an interview so I translated that.

Friday, worked in the morning, then opened Groundslam because Katsumura-san was in Guam cornering Noripi (who won his fight in PXC on Saturday!! WHOOHOO!! 😀 ) I taught Rikiya-san until 11:30 when I had my physical training session with Mitsui-san.
rikiya and roxy

I know we’re going a little light for now, but that’s all my injury can take. I still feel it, though. I like it so far.

Went to work. 😀 Kids kids adults! Then went BACK to the dojo. I got there late, just as class was ending, so I figured I’d do some drills with G-san, who always goes on Fridays, and that was it. Instead, G-san wasn’t there, Steve was, and he taught a grappling class! :O Which was kick-@$$, btw, so I ended up training that for an hour. :O I worked with Sok, a Korean guy. Both of our English is better than our Japanese, but I kept unconsciously switching back to Japanese because he looked Asian. LOL

Kick @ss. 😀 I sparred once with him and then went home at 10:30. ;x_x Drank SOCK OFF and hit the sack. Slept pretty well! Injury felt weird, but not painful. Saturday worked all day and then met a friend in the evening because the body needed a day off.

All in all, it’s been a fantastic week, full of exciting things and training again. Some people are linking me on Twitter, saying, “When is @danawhite going to sign you @roxyfighter to the @UFC?” lol Thanks, but that’s jumping the gun. I want to win in Jewels, then fight and win in Invicta, and then aim for the UFC. By then, I’m sure they’ll have introduced 125. It’s the second biggest weight division! Maybe as large as 135lbs.

I’m sooooo excited and happy to be back training!!! 😀…