sparring and socializing

Today I sparred at Ground Slam! I taped up my knee and it was perfectly fine. I’m so happy. ^^ I really really REALLY need it to be good, and it is. 🙂 So I sparred 6 times, which is more than my usual 5, but I guess it depends on the amount of energy spent in each round. One guy wouldn’t really make contact with my face too much. x_x; Well, it was our first time…I guess he’ll feel more comfortable punching me eventually. (read that ‘trying’ to punch) Seriously, guys, it doesn’t help my training and slipping practice if you don’t aim for my face. ^^;;

I went home and got an email from my co-workers. I was gonna sleep. But I chose socialization over sleep. As I’ve said, I can sleep when I’m retired. 😛 That was nice chatting. 🙂 I enjoyed hanging out a lot.

Then I had a big dinner in preparation for training, but when I got to the gym I realized that I was totally exhausted….and I REALLY didn’t feel like taping my knee up again. u_U gah~ So I lifted some weights intead, but arms were already spent. lol So I did some burn out exercises to increase STAMINAAAAAAAAAA, did some chest, abs, core, and went to say hi to Megumi. Ran into Toda-san, who promised to help me drill stuff next Thursday. Yay! 😀

I had a good day. I’ve been slacking on my promise to myself to watch 10 minutes of technique videos a day. 🙁 I’ll watch half an hour tomorrow….it’s backing up! But I’m not giving up.…