speed blog: fight prep, friend’s fight, movies, mitts etc

These weeks have been busy!! Last week I hung out with my friend and assistant coach from The Ultimate Fighter 18 Shaine Jamie! He’s a wrestling coach from Washington State who Miesha and Bryan brought in to help coach. He is visiting Vegas for a week.
miesha and shaine group

On Monday, I had training and two phone interviews.
Here’s a really cool interview that got done by Invicta!
They called me a phoenix!! http://invictafc.com/roxanne-modafferi-the-happy-warrior-reborn

and I have fire around my glove. XD
happy warrior reborn fire invicta

I got a few more last minute sponsors for my fight! One is called “Okashi Connection!” Okashi means “candy and snacks ” in Japanese.
Okashi Connection jpg image2
The concept is that you buy a monthly subscription for $20 bucks, or is it $22, I forget, and they ship you a box with a pound of Japanese snacks/candy/treats once a month. COOL. I want that….. but the logo is cool and there are anime girls on it. I hope my fans order from them so they win and I win and the company wins..it’s a win win win situation. XD
Type in the referral code “Roxy” so I get credit for the introduction. and a $1 rebate off the first box.
A subscription makes a nice gift, too. XD

Another is Douglas Fruit. http://www.douglasfruit.com/
doubglas fruit png image logo1
On Wednesday, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor held mitts for me because coach John is on vacation in Hawaii. I miss Coach. ._. But the poor guy never gets a long vacation because someone’s either fighting on the weekend, or has fight prep, or whatever. And his wife Janna is pregnant and they’ll be busy with their family . But he’ll be back for my fight and go with me, so I’m so lucky and grateful for that. Thanks, Tom, for helping me out. I enjoyed our mitt session. I liked the stuff he had me practice.
roxy and tom lawlor

Hannah and Serena (and Marcus and Patrick and Josh and Dominic) are all weighing in today. I’ve been helping them with the weight cut and dieting and stuff, and I feel like Mama Syndicate. lol I’m nervous! x_x But I know they’ll be fine! I’m just scurrying around preparing things for them. Hair situation, handled, Bath tub epsom salt, handled. Gosh, I appreciate John’s job more than ever now. 😀 Today’s supposed to be my last day of training. I’m gonna spar a little early and then leave early to help them weight cut.

Then I get to start worrying about myself more. I woke up at 135.5 for the past three days. That’s great. I want to be about ten pounds over 5 days before my fight so I’m right on schedule. I cut about 8 pounds of water weight.

I saw the movie Cinderella with Serena and Hannah on Sunday. It was sooooo nice! I really like how they added the theme “Have courage and be strong” that wasn’t in the original cartoon. And I like how they added things like Cinderella talking to the mice, but they mice weren’t super magical. Just a bit. And there was humor. SUCH A WELL DONE MOVIE. Good job, Disney.

Then I saw “Home” yesterday by myself with that alien and it drove me out of my freaking mind. I liked the plot and the voice actor for the alien was Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, who did a good job. BUT HE SPOKE IN INCORRECT GRAMMAR THE WHOLE TIME.
i has made gas
I wanted to strangulate the writers. Once or twice for effect is funny. DON’T TEACH OUR KIDS BAD GRAMMAR DAMNIT! “I has this” “we has that”. What are you, the “I has a cheeseburger” cat? I has to shove the script down your throat.
vegeta angry
I’m an English teacher. My ear and brain are conditioned to notice any bit of wrong grammar and correct it immediately. I couldn’t handle the movie.

ANYWAY 😀 moving on.

For manga, I’m reading Terra Formars. It’s good. And scary. And dark.
keiji mantis shrimp
(Keiji is the mantis shrimp MO operation human XD) ALL HAIL THE MANTIS SHRIMP!!! LMAO
And last night I wanted to destress but I was too wound up to watch Kenichi (fighting show) and didn’t feel like watching Cockroaches murder ppl, so I put on a repeat of Mushishi. I never watch repeats of anime nowadays…lol …