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These past few days have been super emotional.

On Wednesday, I woke up at 3 AM and went to bed at 11 PM. I threw away furniture, sent home another box, and wired money. It was really hard to throw away good furniture that you’ve been using and love…and want to keep using. I was so happy I found a home for my massage chair, but I had to dispose of my dresser, two portable closets, shelves, chair, the table my host mother gave me, most of my dishes, tons of mugs, carpet, everything! It was hard.

On Thursday, the guys came from the utility companies, measured my usage, and I had to pay in cash.

I hung out with my friend G-san most of the afternoon.
We went to Kawasaki Daishi temple. I was exhausted so at first I didn’t want to go, but I had some ice cream and got energetic, so we went. I’m so glad we did.

We went to my favorite sembei shop! Goto-san told the owner I was a pro who was fighting in the UFC (which isn’t exactly true…I fought in TUF, the results of which are unknown now), and he FREAKED out and said wanted my autograph, and gave me a bunch of free crackers! 😀 haha I love them!

00sembei shop
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We met G-san’s wife and had dinner at a really nice Italian restaurant in Cinechitta.

After that, I went back to my apartment, got my suitcases and lugged them to Yokosuka. Omg it was hard. I met Brittany after she got back from training on the last train, at 1 AM. Hah

On Friday, we woke up, relaxed, and then went to give my apartment keys back. Turns out I’m going to get back 92,000 yen out of my 116,000 deposit!! ($920 out of $116,000)! Yay! That’s minus the cleaning fee, and actually I damaged the walls, but I dunno if they noticed… lol

I was so stressed out, though. Thanks, Brittany, for being with me through this process. I really needed a good friend just to be there for me, and she took the day off from work for me. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I love you ;_;

Man, I loved my little pizza-shaped apartment. The last thing I took down were the green curtains that my host mother gave me as a house-warming gift 8 years ago when I first moved to Japan. I knew I had to throw them out and got overwhelmed with everything. Brittany, being a little paparazzi ninja, captured the moment. ;_;


We then went to our favorite maid café “Honey Honey,” were the waitresses dress up and call you master “or mistress.” There are some sketchy ones, but this one was nice, and we got our favorite huge-@$$ parfait! Brittany tried so hard to get me to dress up, but I wouldn’t. I can’t! I’m sorry :{ But we still took funny pictures!
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We visited the ISAMI MMA goods store to get GroundandPound gloves. I didn’t want to pay $80 for them, but I wanted them.  So I tried them on and….I kind of convinced myself that I didn’t want them. Sato-san, the staff member and also Groundslam member said, “Oh um all of them are reserved anyway.” Huh? Fine -_- I looked at other ones, but I didn’t like them! I was so bummed out. We left. Blarg

I had my last practice at Groundslam. Katsumura-san showed the ninja choke from a billion different positions. 😀 Then we sparred. I sparred with Brittany, Katsumura-san, Steve, and Goto-san. I nearly cried every time because it would be our last time…for a while! Who knows in life, really? Then Goto-san held mitts for me, but I didn’t spar because I couldn’t find my mouth guard, and my back hurt. :/

After training, we had a goodbye party! They brought out cake!
‘ People came in just to see me and another guy was going away, too.
00Groundslam group final party
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Thank you for the presents, everyone!

Kubota-san came just to see me! He had been in a bad car accident and had been in a comma for a month. Then hospitalized for 4 months. I was so worried about him..he was a regular training partner in morning classes.
And Taneichi-san, a chiropractor who sometimes helped me at the gym when I was in pain! 😀 Thank you!

Big brother Steve and I!

So touched. And Katsumura-san gave me the pound gloves that I wanted so badly!

00katsumura san and roxy
I told Katsumura san that because of him, I was able to get my confidence back in myself. ;_;

I cried so much that day.…