stupidly busy yesterday- ice cream therapy needed

Here is my hastily scribbled to-do list.
to do list

1) translated an interview for Brittany into Japanese.

2) work. 8:00 AM. Made kids reports as fast as I could because I have so many to do and not enough time.

3) went to my day-care outservice, and my co-worker and manager tagged along to watch, because I’m turning the class over to her. I played with those kids as hard as I could. lol I always do. Man, I think I spun and jumped around so much, I burned myself out. Maybe it’s PMS or something (I get drained, not cranky, like some women) but man! 11:00 AM

4) went back to the office, put away material. 11:45 AM

5) Went to Lazona shopping Plaza to look for a long, thin box to mail my trophy. I got this baby at K-Grace:
K grace trophy

It’s very tall. Unidy, the homegood store, didn’t have anything. And I don’t think I’ll find anything anywhere. Damn! What do I do? -_-

I felt like I was literally going to pass out, so I HAD to get some ice cream. I’m trying to lose a few pounds so I can be seen in a bathing suit on Thursday. Looks like that is NOT going to happen. I do not have a bathing suit body at the moment….
ice cream therapy
Power is more important, baby! THE POWER OF ICE CREAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

I felt slightly improved, so I mailed a post card at the post office, got box labels (which I probably won’t use) and then…

6) went 40 minutes by train to Shinjuku. It’s now 1:00 noon.
7) Went to Oshmans’ sports shop to look for my special knee pads I’ve been using for the past 8 years. THEY DIDN’T CARRY THEM ANYMORE! What the FREAKING HELL ;_____;
Oh well, that saves me 80 bucks. -_- Hopefully I can find a cheaper brand just as good in the USA. Or sponsor?? 😀 😀 😀 Mine still work now…

8) In Shinjuku, went to a Citi Bank ATM to deposit money, because the closest ones are in Shinjuku or Yokohama. I gotta test how to transfer my money overseas online, cuz I get my pension a month after I leave Japan. -_-; Pain in the neck!

9) went 40 minutes by train to Gold’s Gym, jumped rope, lifted weights for an hour. MUST HULK UP!! After that, it was 3:30. Want…to..pass….out… I spotted Mika Nagano doing boxing, but I was too exhausted to attempt conversation. ^^;

On my way home, I remembered that my favorite chiropractor guy’s day off is today. ~_~ I was sitting on the train, half unconscious when G-san contacted me and asked to have tea, but I couldn’t even speak English at that point, not to mention high-speed Japanese. hahaha Man! 🙁 I wanted to meet. ;_;

10) Got home, examined my trophy. Maybe something unscrews. So I started twisting stuff, and….stuff twisted! OH BOY! *twist twist twist twist* Two minutes later, nothing came off. LOL I felt like one of The Three Stooges. Then I turned it upsidedown and found a bolt! I got my pliers and got it off and then stuff SLID RIGHT OFF a long beam! Whoa! I had to take a picture to make sure I remembered what order to stick them back on. BUT YAAAAAY! Now I can fit all the pieces in a box, and the beam isn’t THAT long cuz I took the bottom wooden part off.

Packed that.
11) Taped up a huge 50 lb box of clothing and lugged it to the post office. I had to put it down 5 times on the way, but the post office is down the street from my apartment. I mailed it to my new address! About $100! I think mailing them like this is cheaper than the 2,000 dollar quote by the moving company. 😀 I hope it reaches my new place safely! ;_;

I watched part of the finale of TUF 14 and then…

12) 7:00 PM went in to work! My student called to say she’d be 15 minutes late, and then showed up two minutes later! Gah, I had to sprint back to the classroom. ^^;

13) got home at 10:00 PM, sat in my massage chair for 20 minutes, and then went to bed.

My back is fsking killing me. ~_~ I think these exercises I’m doing will help,though, but I woke up this morning feeling like the steel pole of my trophy. ;o; I’ll only train lightly in the morning and skip Neo Judo. *sigh* I kind of wanted to work extra lessons today to make extra cash but nothing was available. 🙁…