Health insurance, stress, BJJ! pics

I’ve been feeling like I’m catching a cold, so on Friday morning, I skipped Katsumura-san’s class. ;__; I wanted to goooooooo. *sad* I tried to relax at home, but it was anything BUT relaxing.

Because I bought health insurance! I hope! I’ve been researching online for health insurance companies and plans….except I don’t know what the HELL I’m looking at! I’ve been living in Japan since graduating from college, and the company takes care of anything. So I was like, “Huh? Deductible? Huh? Co-pay? Co-insurance? wtf does all THAT MEAN?”

SO I called my darling wonderful maternal parental unit (Mom), who works in the medical health care billing field! Perfect, right? But she was explaining terms by USING terms, so I was even MORE confused. And she got really stressed out, which stressed ME out. Like, “The co-insurance is what you pay once you reach the deductible.” That’s like “yukkuri means hayakunai.” Um? te fK?

I FINALLY got the terms straight, and together we discussed….animatedly….about which company and plan. But WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! In order to be covered by September 1st, there’s a wait /processing period, and I had to get my stuff in by SATURDAY the 17th! OMG I can handle pressure well because I make decisions quickly, but my mother was getting all excited, which was stressing me out. lol Living with her again will be interesting. hahaha I’m going to be the calm one of the family. XD Even though she has way more expertise and wisdom in…life. 😀

She said, “If you don’t make the deadline, you’ll just have to not train until September 15th.” Hah Like THAT would ever happen.

And we finally went with one a friend recommended (THANK YOU! Yay Facebook friends <3) I ended up calling the company via skype and applied online! But I had to fill out the questionnaire and which said "have you had any injuries within the past 10 years? What doctor/hospital/address/phone number/policy number." Damn, I don't remember all that! So I just put my major stuff in there, since I kept the records for those just in case. And then I had to put the address and it didn't have a place for "country," only "State." I HAD to select a state. So I put "Tokyo, Alabama." HAHAHAHAHA -_-; But seriously. What if they don't approve it?! But at least I submitted it! My current policy will have chiropractic care count towards my deductible. weeee. I worked two lessons in the afternoon, and then went to train lightly in the evening! G-san, my friend/Japanese uncle, taught me Neo Judo that I couldn't comprehend last time I went, which still took forever for me to get due to language barrierrrrrr. ~_~; But he was VERY patient. Thank you for being patient, G3!! and then we did BJJ! SO MUCH FUN. omg BJJ FOR THE WIN!!!! ;__; I felt so much better after that. goto and roxy bjj2

I’ve been bummed out lately about certain things. On the way from the gym to the train station, G-san talked to me and said some really inspiring stuff. I ended up crying in the middle of the train station. ;_; <3 I've learned a lot about myself in the past few weeks, heck, the past few months. Thank you, my friend. Goto and Roxy BJJ1