last week (training, friends, party) pics

On Wednesday last week, I was a little bit irritated because practice started late and I was ready to go early, but we did super great technique, and I got A LOT out of it. I was able to apply the kicks and checks and take downs in pro sparring today, so that was fantastic. Man, if Katsumura-san could give me private lessons every day, I would be a super star yesterday! ;-;

In the evening, I went to Omigawa-san’s Neo Judo! Harley, Masako Yoshida, and Goto-san where there, as well as Omigawa-san’s Judo friend. I enjoyed it a lot, although my back was killing me. ;_;

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neo Judo 8.7.13
neo judo group 2

Hahaha nice poses, guys.

Then on Thursday, I skipped morning training because I wanted to die…I think….what did I do? o_O; I don’t remember, OH YEAH, I packed a bunch of boxes and went to this new chiropractor place near my apartment. They are FSKING AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGggg omg. I’m so glad I went in there! It’s a different style than both Taneichi-san and Mihara-san.

Then I worked in the evening, and then met my former student and now friend Sayuri, and her boyfriend, at Fukuzushi!!
sayuri fukuzushi 2013
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On Friday, I trained in the morning…or wait, I’m forgetting what I did in each training session. I think I did the kicking thing on Friday. WHatever, anyway LOL I trained in the morning, and then worked I think in the afternoon, and then visited my friend Midori from Atsugi! My dear friend! ;_;
midori and roxy2 2013

On Saturday after work, I had some time to go back to that Chiropractor near my home, and then went to my company’s farewell/welcome party! I LOVE those guys! It’s so fun to hang out. I especially love talking to Gordon and Jay about MMA and performing and video games and other stuff. Heck, I enjoyed talking to everyone! <3 I love everyone! i love my co-workers2
i love my co-workers1

we forced Karla to eat Shishamo (smelt) head first, hahaha.…