Horrible but awesome day, and my new gym

I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for a Nevada State Driver’s license and get plates for my car. The insurance company mistyped my VIN number, so I had to call them on the phone and ask them to change it. It took forever to get through the computer system, they faxed the WRONG one, etc etc. they finally faxed the right one, I got my license plates, and I was outta there! Mission complete! Awesome.

Drove to a new apartment that Mom wanted me to look at. I wasn’t hopeful….BUT IT WAS LIKE A FREAKING RESORT. The buildings were beautiful, there was a pool, 24-hour weight room, 24 hour Jacuzzi….I NEED A HOT TUB, like not ‘want,’ but NEED. For my beat up fighter’s body! 😀 The two-bedroom was a little small, so my mom agreed that she can afford a 3-bedroom for at least the 8-month lease.

Well, I intend to fight and make a crap-ton of money, and then I can contribute to the rent! Mom’s all worried about me ‘tolerating’ her eccentricities, and I’m like, “Mom, you’re moving all the way from Massachusetts to be with me and support my dream, I can tolerate anything! I owe you!”

I’m so excited. Awesome! 😀 😀 😀

So I hopped in the car and figured out that if I just drive south, I can run into Warm Springs Road and go to Syndicate gym, and get chiropractic treatment from Dr. S, the Magic Man, who fixes me so I can do MMA.

Right? wrong.
No. I got lost. Horribly horribly lost. And had to turn around a bunch of times. I was so lost! So frustrated! As I approached McCarran airport, I screamed to Lee “WHERE THE HELL AM I?” He (my car) didn’t answer. He didn’t know either- he doesn’t have GPS built in!

I went into 711 like “*sob* I’m lost! Help me!” and the lady was like, “Just a minute. Can I help the next person in line?” which made me MORE upset -_-; No pitty for a pathetic-looking 30 year old? Horrible.

Finally, I just used GPS on my phone rather than the stupid map my mom had given me. I didn’t speed. I didn’t drive recklessly. I got there safely. It’s all good…..I cranked the volume sang Disney songs SO hard as loud as I could in the car, and felt a little better. 🙂 Disney FTW!

I arrived at Syndicate. I pulled in and PASSED Dr. S as he was pulling out. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARG. ;_; And then passed Heather and totally was like “hi… bye” cuz I was so distraught. Sorry, amiga!

And then I joined Syndicate!!! Yess! 😀 I’m going to make my new home Syndicate MMA. Thank you for having me, and I look forward to working with all the coaches, and getting to know everyone at the gym! So that’s huge huge huge for me. Heather said, “It’s not like you’re getting married…!” and I answered, “Actually, yes, it is.” I really liked the other gym I visited, but yeah….I think I’m falling for Syndicate. It was so hard to choose.

Went home, got stuck in traffic. Horrible! Went to Walmart and printed photos to send to people. Awesome. AND I FOUND GREEK FROZEN YOGURT. OUTSTANDING!!! XD The same kind I got in the House! 😀 And talked to mom and we decided on those apartments!

No training today…. Horrible. But I did back and neck exercises at least, as my coaches said! Awesome. :}

All in all, it was really a very successful day. I’ll get my driver’s license soon, got my plates, got an apartment to move into OCTOBER 1st! Then I can get out of this temporary place. Tomorrow, training in the morning and BBQ at night with my new team!

My brain feels like spaghetti. …