1) What does 63 mean?
Roxy:  In Japanese, 6 is “roku” and 3 is “san.” “Roku-san” is how my name is pronounced in Japanese, so it’s kind of a play-on-words with my name.

2) Are you Persian?
Roxy:  No, I’m American.  Ethnically half Italian (Dad), half Lithuanian (Mom).  The name “Modafferi” is a not-so-common Southern Italian name.  It comes from the Persian word “El Modafer” which means “Victorious one.”  (Sweet, huh?) In the 900s AD Muslims occupied Calabria and left traces of culture, names, etc.

3) Do you train UFC?
Yes, I do. 🙂

4) When are you fighting Cyborg?
Roxy: Only if weapons are allowed

5) Who’s your favorite fighter?
Roxy: That’s tied between Goku and Piccolo!

6) Are you watching the UFC/Strikeforce/Bellator this weekend?
Roxy: No, because evenings in the USA are mornings in Japan, and I work on the weekends.  Yes, gotta love private English schools.

7) How about coming out to “Roxanne” by the Police as an entrance song?
Roxy:  How about not?  That song is about a prostitute.  I am not.
But it’s such a great song!
Roxy: Then you can enjoy it.  Far away from me.  and you can stop singing it to me now, thanksbye!

8) How was your last fight?!
Roxy:  You’re my fan, weren’t you watching?

9)  Did you win?
Roxy:  google.com

10) When’s your next fight?
Roxy:  Every day is a fight.  For my right.  To PARTY!!!!!! 😀

11)  Would you ever go out with me?
Roxy:  I’m sorry, I’m already married.  To MMA! 😀 That means I’m “MMArried.”

12)  Let’s spar!
Roxy: Only if you’re not creepy, and you take class at my gym.

13) I’m 6 ft 190 pounds, could you beat me up?
Roxy:  That depends on a lot of things….. mainly how fast you can run! 😀

14)  Can you send me your autographed picture?
Roxy:  Yes, sure! I’m honored you asked!   I ask to be reimbursed for the cost of printing and mailing.  Here’s the link to the store.

15) Can you send me a Happy Warrior fan?
Roxy: YES!!!! 😀  See above link!  You, too, can be a Happy Warrior!

16) Who’s your favorite Power Ranger?
Roxy: I didn’t have a favorite.  They’re all awesome.

17)  Why do you fight?
Roxy: BECAUSE I FRICK’N LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 :D!!