I’m a new teacher at Tribe! CIES seminar, doggies, anime

I’ve done so much lately.

First, I’m really struggling figuring out how to publish my third book. I was going to do Amazon, but I hardly get profits from that and not great marketing, so I hoped to find an agent or publishing house, but I’m having no success. I messaged one website but they tried to get me to pay $2,000 to put it together. I don’t want to spend much money. I thought they are supposed to pay for it and then split the profits with me. Can anybody help me? ;_; pls message me if you have leads: basilisk875 at yahoo.com .

I’ve accepted the teaching position of jiujitsu instructor at Tribe Fitness and Martial Arts in west Vegas. I was ambivalent to commit at first, but it’s turning out to be a wonderful thing. I miss my little kids at Syndicate, but I was never able to lead the big kids classes, which is actually my favorite age group. I never had any opportunities to teach adults. At Tribe, I teach the kids ages 7-12, and I lead two adults classes! I’m so happy! It’s so fulfilling! I love being around the older kids, talking with them, goofing around with them, disciplining them, giving them advice.

It makes me so happy to be able to fill in the holes in fellow adult’s jiujitsu games. I teach and then walk around, watching everyone roll. Last night, I waited until two gentlemen were finished their match, and then gave each of them one tip. They seemed really happy.

Last weekend, I went to Colorado Springs to Cies MMA. I met Barb when I fought her in a grappling match in Fusion Fight League, and we made friends. She and her husband Mike brought me out to teach a seminar. It was wonderful! It thrills me to have the opportunity to meet new people and see them excited.

It’s also a nice way for me to pay my rent. I realize that it’s less likely I’m going to be hired by a company full-time. I have jiujitsu skills and I was on TV lol so I’m hoping to book lots of seminars! If anybody wants me to come to their school, email me at basilisk875 @ yahoo.com!

I also started professional dog walking. I’m sure my father wouldn’t be impressed to hear that, but my bestie Serena suggested it. I had my first assignment yesterday and boy was it challenging!

I played fetch in the living room with his ball until he trusted me enough to let me pet him. Half an hour later, he finally let me hook the leash and take him for a walk. lol GO ME, I befriended an animal!! I feel so accomplished.

I’ve been making more videos for my youtube. I need 4,000 watch hours for one year in order to monetize (start making money) with ads on my channel, and I only have like 80 watch hours! omg ;_; That’s why people say it’ll take a long time. I’m trying to make videos and have fun with it, and practice interviewing. I dunno if it’s worth my time, but we’ll see. Check out my channel if you want to help or are interested in my content. https://www.youtube.com/c/Rox23.

holding hands with my love

I am still madly in love with Chris Roman. We hold hands when we watch TV. ^_^

I accepted a substitute teaching job for English as a Second Language! I’m little nervous because I have to use Zoom and I don’t know how. I also have to teach material that I don’t know at a pace I don’t know to people who’s level I don’t know. Hah Go me. Chris said, “You know what you’re doing. Go in there proud.”

I’ve been watching a lot of One Piece lately. I’m on episode 909. I’m watching Boruto on Crunchy Roll. I think I’m episode 75. I’ve been enjoying rewatching Naruto with Chris. We are watching Jiraiya battle “Pain.”

Also, I admit it. I finished reading Attack on Titan. I couldn’t stand for it to be spoiled. I can’t wait for the anime. Battle scenes will be epic.

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