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(I didn’t feel super inspired to write about anything at the moment, but then I started and stuff appeared on the page.)

I had a super week. Training was painful due to shoulder muscle pain, and I think I sprained my left forearm/elbow overusing it with gi and mitts AND team practice on Monday. But I really get a lot out of training with Casey, and then John’s padwork is the best, and then team was fun.
johns mitt group

Over the course of the week I just bore with it and it feels somewhat better now. Then my hip flexor on my right side tightened up so much I was limping but I got a massage by Magical Masseuse Teri yesterday and it’s completely gone. Wow.

I feel really really motivated to work on my gi jiu-jitsu game, as I’ve been talking about lately, but actually, as an MMA fighter, it makes me develop bad habits. But I’m kind of allowing myself to get back into it at the moment. In addition to doing more gi classes, I’m getting Casey to teach me gi chokes little by little, increasing my repertoire.
casey and roxy in gi

And Vinny is making an effort to watch me roll and correct my technique. I’m so happy!
I'm so excited

On Wednesday, John and I were supposed to do padwork but he ended up answering a question about wrestling and various things off the cage, and that became a whole 30 minute lesson. However, it was just what I needed and eliminated a major problem I’ve been having. I succeeded in doing it some on Thursday and some on Saturday. 😀

I’ve been watching the anime World Trigger and am currently on ep 58. I’ve been in the mood for a darker anime, moreso than World Trigger, so I decided to rewatch Claymore. Half-human half-monster women work for an organization going around killing Yoma (monsters), by using their half-monster powers, but if they use too much of it, they turn into the monsters themselves, so they have to be careful.
I now know of a website that has translated manga, and I know the manga continues even after the anime stops, so I’m excited about continuing the Claymore series! I tried to do it in Japan by going to a manga cafe, but my Japanese wasn’t good enough to fully understand everything and it turned into a giant kanji study session, which I enjoyed, but I never progressed in the series because I wanted to look up and note down every word I didn’t know. lol Which is why I can’t read manga in Japanese.

I’m on Ushio and Tora ep 34 and just found out Tora’s back story which is kind of epic! To think, I knew nothing of this for 15 years, which is how long I’ve known about the series.
ushio and tora pic

I’m on Arrow season 4 ep 19 right now. I’m behind in the Flash. Maybe ep 15 season 2.

It was weird there was no UFC this weekend! haha so I ended up laying down and watching anime all evening Saturday and Sunday alone. I really need to that to mentally relax. If I’m running around everywhere, I get burned out easier. I was invited to a movie last night but I declined, feeling kind of unusually anti-social and needing to be alone. I watched Robocop instead. Don’t judge me. x_x And fell asleep at 9:30 on the sofa, moved to the bed at 10 PM. Up at 4:30 Am this morning thinking, WEEEE MONDAY! I love Mondays.

Saturday was fun! Hannah and Serena came to gi jiu-jitsu with me!
roxy serena hannah gi

People keep asking me when I’m fighting and I don’t know so I had a stress dream about it two days ago because I went to bed thinking about my weight. After training, which is lightest, 139lbs. Before bed (which is heaviest) 143. That’s fine, I can diet down to 135 in a month. (I cut 9-10 lbs of water) And it’s lower than when I started dieting for my last fight. But if I don’t have a fight set up, I always go up in weight because I think, “yeah I don’t have to resist that ice cream” or nachos or “time for recovery tostada!” etc x_x

I hated that I remembered this dream, but I figured it’d be interesting to other people, so I ended up writing it down. Hannah, my roommate, came and gave me a hug that morning so that was super nice. 🙂

It was a horrible Alice in Wonderland-style absurd nightmare. So I dreamed I got the title shot in Invicta and Julie K. texted me to say that and “Yes, and weigh-ins are today.” I was like WHAT?! I just had lunch. Hadn’t been cutting salt or anything. I was with Julie Luey, Serena , and Rob. “It’s in the Laox on the river.” what’s that?! There was a floating city/boat with buildings and clubs like Las Vegas, I was like, “We gotta get there!” but a boat to take us there would be hours, so we jumped in the water with our clothes on and sexy life-guards grabbed our legs and carried us to the other side. That was their job. (weird) I tried to call coach John and the signal didn’t go through. started running around asking everyone where a drug store was so I could buy Epsom salt, but nobody spoke normally! They were like “Hey! Party! yay! Dude!” It was like being in Vegas/a big shopping mall.NOBODY would tell me how to get anywhere. Serena was like “Hey lets split up and look for a drug store.” I got lost running around the stores, couldn’t find my friends, was screaming to everyone “WHERE CAN I GET EPSOM SALT! HOW DO I GET OFF THIS ISLAND?!” and then realized I didn’t even have my weigh-in costume and there was no way I was going to make weight.

I finally walked in on a college director board room meeting?!? but they were laughing and crazy like the Mad Hatter, and they had brown salt scattered all over their table. One guy was like “Here is Epsom salt, here you can have it!” (wtf?) When I gathered it into bags, he was like “$24!” I had a 20 in my pocket so I gave it to him and ran out as fast as I could. So stressed out I wanted to cry in my dream. I didn’t know where I was or where weigh ins were or where the hotel room was that I could cut weight. I would miss weight! I’ve never ever missed weight! They wouldn’t let me fight for a title! I finally got a text from John saying “Weigh ins are over already. The title shot is off. I’m worried about the state of the division. Maybe Invicta will drop it.” and I just knew I was cut. I FINALLY WOKE the hell up, wishing I had never tried to go back to sleep after I woke up with a stiff neck at 2 AM. I need a hug. ;_; I usually don’t have bad dreams, thank goodness for that… I had hoped I would forget this dream if I didn’t write it, but doesn’t look like it. So there ya go. A fighter’s nightmare.…