Quick food blog and Herbal Papaya

I thought I’d do a little blog on food.

I tend to eat the same kinds of things. Breakfast is the biggest meal around 5 AM because I have to have that last me through training which ends at 1:00 PM, lunch is medium sized, I have a high-protein snack around 3 PM, and then dinner at 5:30. If anything messes up my eating schedule, I get exceedingly cranky. lol I love yogurt and cottage cheese and dairy (not milk, though) for breakfast, along with seed/nut-ridden bread with peanut butter, veggie omelettes, and a big salad with broccoli, lettuce, radishes, and asparagus. Lunch is always some kind of grilled or boiled chicken or sometimes lean beef with various steamed vegetables and BBQ or teriyaki sauce and a Fiber One bar or many different things. Dinner is usually boiled or grilled fish with some kind of Asian sauce, snap peas, carrots, and celery. That’s why I like having Mexican food at lunch time (like El Pollo Loco, because they have grilled chicken and rice meals)

Now on to my sponsor, Herbal Papaya. I really like the powder made by my sponsor Herbal Papaya.
herbal papaya powder pic
The dark colored one is made from ground up seed and has a very light, nutty-peppery taste. It would go well in smoothies, but I don’t drink them, so I just sprinkle it on my salad and put in omelettes. Their new product is green papaya powder. It doesn’t really add a lot of flavor to my foods but I can taste it very lightly. It’s supposed to have potassium, magnesium and vitamins A, C, E and B, and has the digestive enzymes papain and chymopapain. Herbal Papaya says that it may help in raising enzyme levels and improving assimilation within the body, which also helps fortify the body’s natural immune response.

roxy selfie with powder herbal papaya
That is good enough for me.

Then the tea! I always drink so much tea. It calms my stomach. Tea with caffeine for breakfast, and with no caffeine in the afternoon and evening.
herbal papaya tea pic 2

herbal papaya with mint tea 2

I’m really happy to be sponsored by a health food company! And if any of my fans and friends (i.e. YOU reading this) decide to order and use the code “ROXY” at check out, you get 10% off and I get 10% credit. 🙂…