Brittany’s visit and lots of UFCs!

Brittany arrived on Thursday morning! I took her to Syndicate and I did MMA team practice.

Roxy vs Jo Jo Monkey King. Crazy guy.
roxy vs monkey king

I trained harder than I’ve trained in a long time and felt pretty good, and really happy with my techniques!

I went out to SkinnyFats afterwards and ate delicious flatbread with chicken and a milkshake.
roxy and bri shakes
We went to the UFC after that and got to see awesome fights, including Paige vs Rose, Mike Chiesa from Sikjitsu who had done half his camp at Syndicate under John Wood, Northcut and Jesus. I mean Elias Theodorou, who my friends and I feel strongly resembles Jesus. It’s the hair. And it helps that it’s easier to say Jesus than his real name. Please nobody think I’m being blasphemous here. lol
roxy bri liam
We ended up sitting next to Liam McGeary by accident! He fought and beat Tito Ortiz in Bellator! He was super cool and we chatted about the fights going on.

When Brittany and I were leaving we RAN INTO ELIAS. He knew who I was!! I was so excited about that. Apparently he was on TUF Nations, which was one of the seasons I haven’t watched.
elias theodorou 1

jesus and roxy
He lost by decision but I think he should have won! 🙁

Bri and I went to go eat and hang out with friends afterwards.
roxy and bri city background
I started feeling weird…cold….shivery…achy. Weird. By 10:30 after eating, I felt REALLY crappy. We met friends and chatted a bit and I started suspecting I was sick…maybe food poisoning? by 11 I started feeling feverish so I excused myself and went home early. 🙁 dang!

It was food poisoning and I got the chills. Lost my appetite. Which never happens even when I have the flu.
I tossed and turned all night.
I felt so bad that I couldn’t really entertain Bri-chan much. I dropped her off to go watch UFC weigh ins that afternoon. I basically slept on and off all day. It took me all day to watch one episode of TUF nations. *_*

I picked up Bri-chan and we watched UFC on my TV at home. Sad for Joe Lauzon, my favorite fighter, but Evan had been training with Chaz, our Syndicate Muay Thai coach, so my team was happy. 🙁
Kawajiri won, yay! I don’t care that it was kind of an inactive fight. I’m just glad he won. I’ll always root for the Japanese guy.
fight card friday

I’m so glad Ryan Hall won, even though I think overall Artem was the better fighter. I love seeing a normal looking jiu-jitsu guy win. 😀 He played his game well. w00t woot!

Saturday I woke up feeling better! I went to BJJ belt promotions and got two stripes on my purple belt. Thank you, Vinny. I know I have so much more to learn!
getting stripe
I want to learn fasterrrrrrrrr. There’s not enough time in the day. I want to feel like I deserve it. I HAVE been training every day since Vinny became the main coach at Syndicate months ago. And teaching kids a lot of gi, while learning from Rick and Chris. I’ve been purple belt for like 8 years and picking up gi for about 2. I want to do BJJ tournaments to see how I match up against other purple belts.
I still bow when I shake hands, like a Japanese person. lol
bowing roxy

(click to enlarge)
bjj pic dec 12. 2015
After that, Bri and I just hung around for a while and then went to watch the UFC in Town Square’s Alehouse. Jamie and Jenny and Perry and Robyn came over and we all sat together! That was fun 😀 CRAZY awesome card. I should not have had nachos so close to food poisoning because I got an upset stomach again. -_-
bri nachos again
Holy Mackerel , I was actually disappointed in Conor vs Aldo. I wanted to see a longer fight. Reminded me of 90% of Ronda’s fights. 🙁 Weidman and Rockhold was amazing and impressive.

Today is Sunday and I brought Bri to the airport. :/ I’m sorry I lost us a day together because I was sick, but thanks for coming back to my home to watch the UFC together. 🙂

Tomorrow is TUF tryouts for my teammates and friends! I’ll make an appearance before going to training.…