busy Thursday! lesson, Invicta, fighter to fangirl

Thursday morning (yesterday) I had a private lesson with an amazing teenage female martial artist! I was impressed with Amelia’s skillset she already developed and the speed at which she picked up what I taught her. It was fun!

roxy amelia training pic

Dig that tatami/Meerkatsu designed rashguard!

I lifted weights a bit after that and then grabbed lunch with my friends from mmaroundup videos Kristin and Veronica! (and Katie) Check out their youtube channel for fighter interviews and hilarious comedy videos. https://www.youtube.com/user/womensmmaroundup
roxy veronica katie kristin skinnyfats

We then all went to the Cosmopolitan to watch Invicta! We had to wait online for 45 minutes to get our tickets and met a ton of nice fans. I continued my job of handing out fliers. A guy kept talking to me who knew who I was and I think he was really important, but he’s gotta understand, my memory sucks already and I met hundreds of people…. 🙁

Here are some Irish fans who were supporting Catherine Costigan!
irish group and katie
Whoops I’m not even in this one. I took it and sent it to Catherine. lol Katie and Irish fans.

Shannon sat me right between my good friends Jessamyn and Shayna! HAH she did it on purpose! YAY THANK YOU!! 😀 <3 at invicta with friends
After I posted it on Instagram, I noticed the photobomber behind us! 😀 😀 HAHAHA! (btw I totally photobombed somebody taking a pic with Jess and Shayna another time. XD)

There were SO many big famous fighters from the UFC and otherwise here! Frankie Edgir and Renzo Gracie were RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and fans kept standing in my way blocking my view to get pics. lol And then someone tapped me on the shoulder to get MY picture. I was freaking out, going from fangirl to fighter in miliseconds. OVERLOAD!!!!!

Then Shayna looked up from text messaging and was like “CM Punk invited us to go sit with him.” I’m like, what?! The world famous pro wrestler who said he wanted to do MMA…Is HERE AND IS INVITING US?!! So between rounds we tried to dash over to him but got caught by fans. XD In the middle of all that, one of the fans shakes my hand and says, “It’s so nice to finally meet you!” I’m like, “Yeah, thanks!” and am trying to move on, and then Shayna starts talking to the fan……
(click to enlarge)

……………..and then I realize, holy sh*t that’s not a fan, that’s CM Punk! Wait! “Are you…you!” I stammered and he was like “I’m here” or something, not that, but I forget. I think he didn’t want me to be a fangirl because he was a fan of ME on the Ultimate Fighter.

After I won my fight to get into the house, he tweeted “That was the best post promo ever.” and like 400 people retweeted it. I got the notifications on my twitter feed and was like “who is this guy?” Shayna was like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘Who is this guy?!”
cm punk and roxy
So yeah. So we sat down and was just staring at everything, trying to pay attention to Tonya Evinger battling for the belt, and then Fabricio Werdum sat down next to me. with somebody else, I think Tyron Woodley.

fangirl anime

I said hi, he said hi, and then he and Tyron dashed off and found another seat. whaaaat whyyyyyyy

The fights were outstanding. My teammate Jamie won! Good job, girl! Catherine lost…just got overpowered physically. Amber is a beast and awesome. Catherine couldn’t really pull the trigger. :/ My former training partner from the AACC Ayaka Hamasaki won the title! YAY so thrilled for her! she looks soooo skinny having dropped a weight class…I’m glad she can still be strong! 😀

I felt bad for Irene who got an a$$whopping put on her the whole time by Tonya, but I’m glad Tonya won. I didn’t even want to watch Faith fight Cyborg. 🙁 Early stoppage but ….

Overall, really really awesome event! packed house! great energy!
tonya vs irene
good job, Invicta! Now let me fight on the next card. 😀

I got home at 12:30 AM and slept in until 5:45!! 😀

Got another busy day ahead of me!…