Exciting Wednesday – friends, funny stuff, Invicta weigh-ins, champ

Wednesday started out with mitts with John. Since I quit lifting weights hard core, I feel like I can move quicker again. @_@; Great session.

Well, I did lift a little after that, and then met my friends Candy and Julie for lunch at Skinnyfats! Last year Serena was with us. I actually met Candy for the first time at the last UFC expo!

roxy candy  julie skinnyfts

I went in the men’s restroom in Skinnyfats, and so did Julie, because the women’s was occupied. She pointed out, why is there a mirror on a certain crotch level over the men’s toilet….???
skinnyfast mens room
really? LOL

We then went to the Pinball Hall of fame on Tropicana…..XD We shared the balls! 😀 So we all played a game on the machines.
roxy terminator pinball

We played Terminator and then an X-man one! At one point, Candy finished and said, “Go ahead. I got the ball stuck on my n*gger.”
Roxy: “WHAT? Stuck on your n*gger?”
Candy: “What?! I said, ‘it’s stuck on Magneto!’ ROXY!!!!!”
Roxy: LOL I misheard!
candy julie magneto
It was loud in there!
XD I laughed so hard I had to go to the restroom.

I picked up my friend Katie and we trained at Syndicate together! 😀 What a fast learner! I’d expect nothing less from a black belt. Her style is Tae Kwon Do.
roxy and katie at syndicate

We were planning to finish at 5:30ish and get dinner, but we decided to go to Invicta weigh-ins instead, at the spur of the moment.

I wasn’t fighting so I didn’t care to watch too much, but I’m glad Katie got to see. There was only standing room, which sucked. One of my fans near the front was like “ROXY! COME HERE! 😀 you can stand in front of me!” So I elbowed my way through and dragged Katie. I ended up stepping all over everyone and blocking like three people, so I decided to leave (telling Katie to wait there and I’d be back, which was a white lie LOL).

Catherine Costigan is the top, and Jamie and Amy are the bottom two!
weigh ins invicta 13

And then afterwards I we ran into Candy and met up with my manager Shu, who is part of Suckerpunch Entertainment, who manages UFC Champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk! We got to have dinner together! 😀 I had her pronounce her name like 5 times and she said I was close with “Ye-DRE-check”

katie joanna roxy

Today will be busy and exciting, too!…