Fantastic trip to Washington! Seminar, sight-seeing

I had a fantastic visit to Washington!

I arrived Friday morning and my friend I met at Cagequest last year, Allen, picked me up and treated me to sushi! XD I ate a lot. *_* Thank you!
allen sushi collage
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We then met up with Rob and Gloria. Rob went from a fan to sponsor to good friend! He tries to act all ‘stalker-ish’ on Facebook on purpose, but he’s not creepy. I’m so lucky to have met good people like Rob and Gloria. Rob owns a painting company called “Aardvark Painting,” so I nicknamed him “Robvark.” XD

We all went to Pike’s Place market and, ate ice cream (betsu bara) and saw cool stuff, like people throwing raw fish and the very first Starbucks ever. 😀
roxy at pike's market place

I wore my MVRK clothing brand shirt…check them out. XD

Then we went on the Duck Tour around Seattle! collage of duck tour
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It took us by places like the first automatic car wash (someone from the circus walked an elephant through there for publicity, so that’s why the sign is an elephant!). We then drove into the lake. XD We saw floating houses, which Allen told me like 10 times that he wanted to live on. Haha! I’ll pass. 😉

Had a blast!

I woke up too early…3:30. :/ Had a dream I was walking around a Harajuku-esque confusing city in Japan with Brittany, looking for a Denny’s, but couldn’t find it.

Then I got dressed…. and I went to Denny’s. LOL It was next to my hotel. Allen picked me up and took me to Victory Athletics which was started by Dennis Hallman. He wasn’t able to attend, but a head instructor Pete “Pistol” Grey and also Sarah were very hospitable.
seminar pete stelle searah

Man, I was so impressed with their facilities! Nice mat space, boxing ring, strength and conditioning area.

I had a nice turn out!
seminar 2

I got to meet a nice Japanese lady I’ve known on Facebook for about a year, Chie!
seminar chie 1
She and her family gave me presents! Thank you ! I LOVE FURIKAKE!! XD And Sarah and Dennis did, too! thanks!
A beginner fellow who only expected to watch ended up borrowing gloves and jumping right in. I was so impressed with how he picked stuff up. 😀
Proud of you, Colin! and protege Nico! and the ladies! Man, I wanted to stay longer. Great time!
seminar group 1
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I wore my Mei-Li fighting shorts! I love the fit and design! Check them out!

Then Robvark and Gloria picked me up and drove me 2 hours to Portland, OR and I was reunited with my little sister/bestie/fighterfriend from Philly, Serena DeJesus!! 😀 (or “the Jesus” as the Glamour announcer pronounced, lol)

Notice the little Aardvark on her shorts. XD
roxy and serena at julies

We went to Glamour MMA, which only had grappling matches this time, but in a cage! Dude, I wanna do a grappling match in a cage. I had originally not planned to compete because I thought there was only a 150 lb division, and then I wasn’t sure I could do the seminar in Washington and make the competition in Portland on time. Then they made 130 lbs. Oh well, maybe next time.
amanda bell roxy julie

I sold my T-shirts and book at a table with Julie, who sold her Mei-li Fighting shorts and shirts! Fellow Invicta fighter and friend Amanda Bell stopped by! 😀
In case you missed the link to her awesome products, here it is: 😀
meili fighting catalogue

Serena competed against Invicta fighter Roma Pawelek and did so freaking awesome! Pawelek won the 130 lb division, but had her hands full with Serena, who dominated for 15 mins on top until Roma got a sudden submission. ~_~ I coached Serena. I didn’t want to be one of those cornermen not paying attention and snapping pictures, but I got one or two.
serena competing in glamour
Good job both ladies.

Crashed at Julie’s and the Sunday morning woke up and went to Robvark’s fitness gym, West Coast Fitness Center. That had super nice facilities! Thanks for letting us have a table! I got to meet a lot of nice fans and Rob’s friends. 😀

west coast fitness cololage
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Thanks for making that possible, Rob.

Then they drove me to the airport and I got an evening flight.

I’m sad to leave, but I’ll be back! And it’s good to be back in Vegas. Getting ready for training now. I’m so motivated!…