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I FINISHED our parody video to “All your Base are Belong to US!” MMA STYLE! 😀
If you know the original, watch my video! If you need to see the original first, click on this link: link to original funny meme vid

Last Friday, a very nice family who owns the company “Remove it Restoration” visited Las Vegas.
roxy being choked by eric
We were taking pics and an amusing conversation ensued:
Eric: Do you want to take a picture choking me?
Roxy: Sure! *choke* *click*
Roxy: Do you want to choke me?
Eric: Sure!
Roxy: Do you know how?
Eric: Yes…. *choke*
Roxy: *gag*
*wife takes picture*

I then found out he had a black belt in Judo, and karate….that’s a rank higher than me! hahaha I think he’s second degree, actually? HOW COOL IS THAT?!?

They took Serena and I out for lunch. They sponsored me and have decided to sponsor Serena as well for our upcoming fights. It was so nice to meet them, and thank you so much for the support and happy, positive energy! 😀

We went to SkinnyFats, my new favorite restaurant. 😀

group pic with remove it restoration
roxy and skinnyQ
I got this “Skinny Q” flatbread pizza with chicken, onions and cheese and something else, I forget. It was lighter than I thought. Next time, I’ll get it in combination with something else. But super good if you’re on a diet. Which I was. So it was good.
selfie with remove it restoration
Thank you so much!

I twisted my ankle earlier in the practice. I should have listened to Vinny and not jumped straight into grappling sparring. Scared the hell out of me. So I took the weekend off and Monday went super light, and then Tuesday I was back to hard kickboxing sparring. Iwent on an hour-long driving odyssey to find proper athletic tape, and a box cost me $30. :/ I’m sooooo happy nothing serious happened. Being an athlete is so scary and stressful at times. At least if you have an office job, you can limp around or be sick or have pains but still do your job. However, if your body feels bad when you’re an athlete, your performance suffers and you can’t make money and survive….

Speaking of horrible injuries, congratulations to my TUF 18 buddy Julianna Pena for her dominant victory over her opponent in her UFC comeback. 😀 And win bonus. Yay money! What do you do if you can’t walk?!? And I hope my friend Heather Clark recovers from her ACL surgery fast, because she’s in the same boat – no full-time job other than being a professional athlete.

On Saturday, I went out for dinner with my mom! For the first time in 6 months! We sometimes make plans and then she cancels them, saying either her favorite TV show is on, or she doesn’t feel like eating out, or she doesn’t want to gain weight. It really hurts my feelings. Firstly, last time I checked I was more important than a TV show…. second, she needs to gain weight, not lose weight. It upsets me…but anyway, we just moved into a new apartment, so I managed to get her out to Chinese food to celebrate that and Easter. 😀 YAY so nice.

On Sunday, I went out to SkinnyFats (again haha) with Serena and Hannah.

stitch pic hanna and serena skinnyfats
Hannah is so pretty. *_*
Let me just take this opportunity to shamelessly promote her gofundme account for training funds….

We waited for Hannah for like an hour and a half to get out of church, but then said to each other, screw it, and ordered first. She would come later. Don’t mess with hungry weight-cutters.

hungry image anime2

I ordered what Serena got last time…”Slow Boat to China.” Chicken salad and slaw chee on a cucumber boat. Haha a boat! I love that.

slow boat to china 2

I wanted two, but again, dieting for fight. My fight is a week after my friends, but I want to suffer with them. Plus if you DIET AHEAD OF TIME AND GET CLOSE TO YOUR FIGHT WEIGHT, YOU WON’T MISS WEIGHT BECAUSE OF YOUR PERIOD OR INJURY-so-can’t-do-cardio etc etc. So diet, b***ches, diet!
angry anime girl gif
*pant pant*

anyway 😀

I wanna give a big shoutout to Dragon Do Fight gear for sponsoring me this next fight! Please…..check out their site, recommend it to friends, buy something and say I sent you…lol. actually have really comfortable clothes and high quality stuff! I’m impressed, and I’ve tried on a lot of stuff. Oh yeah and that guy standing next to me is pretty cool, too. dragon do sponsor show off
The other day, he hurt his elbow so he was holding mitts for me one handed…..that was super cool. Such a skilled coach.
sparklie eyes fangirl

Yesterday was great kickboxing training. I love it when our resident Muay Thai champion Chaz Mulkey teaches us stuff.
chaz mulkey
What, you think he looks scary…? You are correct. LOL Half of us don’t go to his Muay Thai classes (including me :{ unfortunately) so I’m sure he gets frustrated, but he’s patient and just explains things easily to understand. Thanks!! 🙂

And…..I love taking pictures, but there are only so many smiling-fist-up pictures you can take before it get BORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRING.

I can’t stand being BORRRRING so.. I like to mix it up. XD And my girls go with it.

post sparring pose
Imagine me screaming “SUBMISSION IS OUR MISSION!!” That’s my sponsor, “Top Notch Fighter.” You can get their T-shirt here:

And….Hannah and Jamie orchestrated this one. LOL I don’t know what’s going on. Serena and I were thinking Sailor Moon and then suddenly, they were upsidedown. Hannah’s foot and Serena’s expression crack me the hell up every time. XD XD LMAO
weird post sparring pose