SkinnyFats w/ Miesha, Serena, Hannah, sponsors, All YOUR BASE

Training for my fight April 24th against Vanessa Porto is going great. I’m so excited! I can’t wait!!

Last Sunday I went out for lunch with Miesha, Serena, and Hannah! It was fun! We went to SkinnyFats. I like the fact that they have outdoor seating. Of all days to misplace my Skinnyfats hat! I found it after I got home. :/ My weight is good so I didn’t have to cut carbs, so I got this chicken over waffles dish called “Rosemary Jane.”

rosemary janeLemon-rosemary grilled chicken over a protein waffle, however they do that! She got “Slow Boat to China” which was chicken salad with slaw chee on a cucumber boat. Hah! a boat. With teriyaki & spicy yo-aioli sauce. serena boat to china

Miesha got “Berry the Steak,” which is flatbread w/shaved NY strip, feta, goat cheese, arugula, blackberries & balsamic.
miesha at skinnyfats

berry the steak
Looked good. Hannah Got a steakation, but I didn’t get a pic of it, I was so busy eating mine. lol
ladies at skinnyfats

Moving backwards, Saturday was great practice. I taught my teen’s MMA class and then did a bunch of kickboxing sparring. I sparred with fellow Invicta Fighter Liz McCarthy for the first time in ages and holy hand speed! She’s like literally twice as fast as before. I know she’s been doing private lessons somewhere else. LIKE LIGHTENING, I kid you not. I want to see her unleash that in a fight pretty soon, please. 😀

And I can feel the improvement in my partners Serena and Hannah and Kalecia! They’re training hard, and training full-time at Syndicate MMA helps. Doing mitt work with Coach John Wood? Oh yeah. Their movement, combos, everything is better.

I’ve been posting a lot of pics lately thanking sponsors. Sponsors really help us out with gear, clothes, and sometimes financially. We fighters who aren’t in the UFC don’t get one huge sponsor, we get a lot of little ones. Every little bit helps! We are really grateful and if we can thank them publicly to get some consumer eyes on their brand, we love to. Fighting is such a catch 22. We have to train full time hard to become a world-class fighter, but training doesn’t pay the bills. It’s not fair. lol And it’s not Invicta’s fault- they only have so much money. It’s just the way it is. I’m still looking for financial sponsors for my next fight in Invicta 12. I don’t want people to think I’m desolate-on-the-streets poor, though. A few fans have reached out to me and I’m putting their names or logos on my banner or fight clothes for a little cash. That’s so awesome. 🙂 If anyone else is interested, email me at

kalecia hannan roxy serena sponsors
Here, we’re sporting logos of Remove it Restoration, Dragon Do Fight Gear, Fightchix who has been sponsoring me for something like 8 years!! <3 <3, and Aardvark Painting. (Robvark)

Lastely, there’s this video that came out when I was in high school that I’m revisiting. It started when I found my old music CD burried in boxes, and “All Your Base are Belong to Us” came on. If you haven’t seen it, watch! If you have seen it already, watch again! It’s so freaking funny! And I will make mention of it in the days to come…