Great Fightblok event III

The Fightblok III was a great event. It was run professionally, although started a bit late. The competitors were exciting to watch and we all got a good dose of high-level jiu-jitsu.
enzo and miesha
Hung out with Miesha and Enzo.

I love watching Damien Nitkin fight. He’s a purple belt from Zenith. Too bad he had to fight my teammate Shawn in the first bout. I didn’t know who to cheer for. :/ I also love watching Wolfie Steel fight. A 17-year old bad-ass who moved to Vegas with his father to further his fighting career.

I sat with lots of other Syndicate members, mainly parents who brought their kids. I liked spending time with the kids. They’re so cute and I love them.
cute syndicate kids
They cracked me up – doodling on signed photos they got, giving each other piggy back rides. I enjoyed sitting next to and chatting with Kaelee. She’s 13 and proficient at both Muay Thai and grappling. I want to turn her into an MMA champion.

It came time for Fredson Paixao to face Romulo Caiado. The applause was thunderous. Not that many kids came to my fight, haha.

They fought.

fredson and romulo

Romulo won by ref decision.

Overall, the event was great.…