post fight week, various adventures pleasant and unpleasant

I don’t know what to think of this week. It’s my win week! The time to relax and be happy and revel in my win. 🙂 I somehow haven’t been relaxing. I’ve been kind of stressed out with various chores and mishaps. don’t get me wrong, I’m still very happy.

Hahah I stopped by the gym a few times. Chatted with John and the team and selling my T shirts. I did tons of chores! I had lists and lists of stuff to do! I printed out pictures from my trip, went to the Goodwill and got a photo album, wrote blogs about my trip in English and Japanese, wrote and sent Christmas cards. Ate a LOT. I’m in love with the Chicken quesadilla at Taco Bell. XD

However, I can barely walk. My left leg hurts soooo badly from Andrea’s leg kicks. She nailed me on the lower thigh right above the knee. It’s not visually bruised but it must be deep. The inside part where the ligament is is swelling, too. I couldn’t even bend my knee without intense pain. It’s not super damaged or torn or anything, I’m sure. Then my calf and ankle have been aching. Especially after I start moving after a while of inactivity. This morning I woke up at 3 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep because of the pain. I thought it would heal sooner, but it’s lingering. Well, it took a good two weeks for me to stop limping after fighting Tara, so this is normal. 🙂 And I won!

And my finger’s ligament is busted, so if I keep it straight for a number of weeks, it will heal without surgery. I have a splint on.

This is the only time I want to complain about all this. I’m so glad I’m not seriously injured. I see my friends on crutches, with blown out ACLs and meniscus or broken hands and I feel lucky. 🙂 Physical pain is NOTHING compared to emotional pain.

I can’t train, though. I want to train. :/ I hate gaining weight and not being able to move. But hey, I won my fight! I’m so happy!


On Tuesday, I took my car in to get inspected because Lee was leaking oil. Turns out I had to replace the timing chain tensioner, drive belt and battery, which came to $500. 🙁 Not too bad! And my boy is 102,000 miles, so it’s about time he got spruced up. They said I need new CV boots for the passenger side, but I’m procrastinating fixing that. 🙁

On Wednesday I tried to download some comics and got tons of malware because a popup asked me to ‘update my flash program” and like a dufus I clicked OK.


So it screwed up my computer, so I had to take it to a place and leave it there all day to get it fixed. 🙁 I had tried all my scans and virus removal programs and nothing worked. *sigh* $75. at least I just won fight money. haha so ironic. Serves me right. :/

I’ve been watching Constantine, the TV series, and I have a fangirl crush on Matt Ryan. XD Well, the character is cool and I like the story, too. Matt Ryan is also a super talented actor. I bought this poster on ebay for 8 bucks. Be jealous, suckas! XD

I watched TUF20, and I have to say, I’m super impressed with Rose. I’m a big fan. 😀 I love watching her technique. It’s so ninja.

I’ve spent a lot of time answering fan’s and friend’s emails. Thank you for your love, support, and encouragement. 😀

My T shirts have been selling really really well! I’ve been bugging my coach to fix the site to it ships to Canada, so hang tight, my lovely Canadians. We’re selling adult’s and kid’s, too! 😀

It was hard to teach the kids class hobbling along, but Justin helped me. 😀 Thank youuuuu <3 my teammate. It went well! Tomorrow I'm going to enjoy The TUF Finale with Kristin, who's visiting from Cali 😀 One of the two stars of Women's MMA roundup videos. …