my week has been kind of insane :D

So forget about ‘easing back into training.’ Last Saturday I did open sparring, first with the class, and then got into the cage with Liz and did fight-prep MMA rounds with her and Jamie. She has a fight coming up in IFC May 16th. I’m so glad she came to Syndicate to train. Now we’re friends. Her coach/boyfriend is pretty cool, too. XD

I substituted and taught the morning Saturday kids class. Last time I subbed, they HATED me, because the coach tends to play games with them, but I didn’t know that. I tried to do a regular full jiu-jitsu class and ignore their request for games. So they SAT DOWN AND REFUSED TO COOPERATE AT ALL.

So THIS time, I went online and googled “ji-jitsu games for kids” and wrote down TEN games. I ran the small class through them and they cooperated and had fun! 😀 *cue victory music*

I was dead exhausted after sparring.

btw big shout-out to for their awesome shorts and tank tops! They’re cut for women and so comfy and have oriental designs! (click to enlarge)
meili shorts
Ladies, check out this site:

Saturday evening was Tuff-N-Uff! My training partner Sean Francis won his fight in a dominant fashion! Congratulations, buddy! 😀

On Sunday, I did yoga in the morning, and the wind foiled my photo shoot plans with Heather. Dead exhausted all weekend. I hung out with Heather a bit, but other than that, did chores and online work. Since I ate a big lunch, I walked around a mall and bought a bra. Which I’m happy I found because I’m picky. Yes. I’ve lost some weight so half my bras are too loose now. Too much info? Just saying. You men don’t have to go out and buy new underwear when you cut weight… you? o_O;; I have two different groups of bra sizes, but I’m in the middle of those now. And your hormones don’t get fux0red when you overexercise, and reproductive system malfunction, does it?

Hahaha! 😛

Anyway, I really don’t need to be so concerned quite yet about my weight, but I am because I don’t know when I am fighting next. 🙁 I made a friendly bet with Sam Wilson that if Invicta announces the next fight card next week, I’ll do a frog head stand and sing the rubber ducky song. Of course I’ll post it on youtube.

I want to fight so badly.

So after shopping, I went home and watched Bleach all evening. I ended up skipping the Captain Shusuke Amagai Filler Arc. When I talked to my Japanese friend G-san this week, he said that I must have been watching Bleach because my Japanese didn’t sound rusty at all. 🙂 I’m up to ep 207 now. 😀 I still like Grimmjaw. 😀 and Kenpachi is awesomeeee.

Monday…I love Mondays! 😀 Great hard class. Trained mainly with Michelle and Sofia. Lots of drilling, live go-sparring, etc. Really pushed it at the end. (click to enlarge)
roxy sofia john guns
With coach John, Sofia and Guns! (what are we doing with our knees? lol inadvertent sexy pose?)

Training was awesome! 😀 😀

Despite scarfing down recovery supplements like a thirsty puppy and water, Tuesday I woke up feeling like I got run over by a truck. I shouldn’t have gone to MMA sparring practice, but I really wanted to. I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to finish class, but I really wanted to get in the drilling and a few rounds. REALLY REALLY REALLY WANTED TO.

So I went and did just that, but felt so crappy that I could only spar a few rounds. I pushed myself, surpassed myself, and then that was it. So I got good work in and was productive….but only half the class was over. I usually get so pissed off at my body that I pack up and leave and go home, but I remember John saying “start as a class, finish as a class.”

You gotta DO something else.

So I tried to lift weights and that didn’t work well. So I ground and pound the bag with fists and elbows. FOR THIRTY MINUTES. and then shadow boxed. I killed the bag. Like murdered. There’s a very dead black heavy bag next to the boxing ring in Syndicate. I tortured myself and finished the class with everybody. 🙂 Go me.

roxy after kickboxing3

Went home and tortured myself some more in an ice bath, and then went back to Syndicate to teach my private student MMA. Which was not torture.

And it was awesome. Living the dream! 😀

Rhyanna came up to me in the middle of my lesson and said, “I got a new sponsorship hat! Let’s take a picture!” and jumped on my back. I LOVE HER! 😀 <3 roxy and rhyanna pose in cage2

Wednesday was super busy, and I’m very proud of myself for accomplishing it.
1) 10:30AM – 11 Mitts with John. Learned a move straight out of Mortal Kombat. I LOVE IT. I MUST MASTER THIS MOVE.
2) 11:30-12:30 Yoga. The teacher was Japanese! 😀 I chatted with her and this other woman in Japanese. I couldn’t do chair/lightening bolt/balancing poses well because my body hurt, and it figures she kept coming over and telling me to sit lower, go harder. 🙁 *cry* oh the pain! fml
chair pose
3) 4:00 – 5:30 teach two kids classes (lead one, assisted Chris with one.) Sparred with this 8 yr old? Lilly and we had a hilarious battle of trying to simultaneously gi-choke each other.
4) 5:30 -6:30 teach my private student MMA. Alanna is learning so fast! 😀 I’m proud of her.
5) 7:00 – 7:30 Full-blown MMA sparring with Liz in the cage

John usually goes home, but he hung around and watched and coached. Thank you! I really appreciate it. I will master that damn mortal kombat move

I love my life! 😀
(click to enlarge)
revgear at syndicate

Then I went home and ate a ton of food and got bad indigestion because my digestive system hates me. 🙂

Today I have a lot of stuff to do, none of which involve me actually training – chores, research on printers, and online work to do. Then I teach kids. And I bruised my cornea again, so I get to suffer through that for a few days. 😀 but I’m happy! 😀 I can’t wait to practice that Mortal Kombat move again. I want it to be today. :< But it can't. so I'll watch Bleach instead. this was long. Who read this whole entry?! …