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I have signed with the all-female MMA promotion Invicta! I have always wanted to fight in Invicta, honestly. I loved the UFC. It was my dream to fight there, too. They let me fight but decided not to keep me. The UFC is widely recognized as the leading fight promotion, and some day, I’d love to fight on their stage again, but it’s time to realize my second dream. I’ve been nothing but impressed by Invicta- their fighters, their production value, the good influence on the sport, the way they promote their fighters. It’s an honor to be apart of it. Thank you, Invicta, for having me! I can’t wait to show everyone my improvement.

(shoutout to my team at Syndicate MMA, and coaches John Wood, Mike Pyle, John Gunderson, Rick Davis, Fredson Paxiao, Vinny Magalhaes) <3 <3 <3 I got a T-shirt from my new sponsor, Herbal Payapa!! 😀 herbal papaya shirt

Last week, I went to The Fight Dentist (, ) who is a legit dentist in Las Vegas. He and his wife have an MMA-style office. They cleaned my teeth, gave me a whitening service, and also custom-made my mouthguard! They also offer cool boil and bite ones, with different designs, like flags and fangs, if you go for that.

When I was a kid, my mom used to say, “Don’t worry if your teeth aren’t pearly white, sweety. You’re beautiful just the way you! They are ivory color! Ivory is very valuable!” I was like, “Sweet. Ivory!” Then a few days ago, I told mom, “A fan suggested that I be in a toothpaste commercial because I have a nice smile, he said, but I don’t think that’d work, because my teeth aren’t so white.”

“Yeah, your teeth are yellow. You should think about getting them whitened,” she said.

O_O I was like, “MOM!! WHAT HAPPENED TO IVORY?!?!?”

;_; lol So yeah. Called up my The Fight Dentist Dr. Persky. “Yes, we can do that,” he said.
whiter teeth

syndicate women
Lots of ladies in the jiu-jitsu class Thursday morning at 10 AM. 😀

I trained a lot with Fanny on Friday! 😀 She stayed after jiu-jitsu to train!
Revgear gloves. yyyyyeah!
fanny and roxy

Coach Guns worked us hard on Friday. It was kicking drills followed by take-down live grappling whenever he said “grapple!” I think he lost track of time or got a phone call at one point, because I think Fanny went like 10 minutes instead of five, for one of her turns. lol Then wall stuff. GNP etc. It was great.

This morning, I was going to do the jiu-jitsu class and then kickboxing sparring. However, the kid’s teacher was absent, so I filled in. TOTALLY UNAPPRECIATED BY THE KIDS (ages 6 and 7). Apparently, they play lots of games and do dodgeball and stuff on Saturdays….but I dunno, it’s a jiu-jitsu class, I don’t wanna do dodgeball. So I said “no” and taught them the rear naked choke, which they didn’t do well at first, but finally did at the end. But then they stopped doing what I commanded.

Then they bugged me so I said yes to dodgeball. Then I saw parents watching, so I changed my mind and told them to spar. They got legitimately upset. Like, I can tell a ‘pout’ from ‘I’m going to cry’ and like two of them, and one girl DID start actually crying.

I was so ticked off. -_- But they are kids, what do you want? And the objective is to have fun. So I told them ten minutes dodgeball, then sparring. We played for a bit, and then I told them to spar, and the other girl started crying. OMGgggggggg

Well, they learned the rear naked choke better, so there! :< I jumped into sparring in the adult's class and got to spar with Rick, omgIforgothisname Mr. Awesome Dude who showed me various passguards I knew but forgot, he also showed me how to keep ppl from passing my guard, which I knew but forgot. Story of my life. I knew that! But I forgot! -_-; But it was awesome. THANK YOU Mr. Awesomedude my memory sucks. ;_; Then I ranted about the kids to him, got it off my chest, and then got ready to punch people in the face. 😀 I sparred a lot and it was glorious. At one point, I was going against Fanny, a Muai Thai-base girl. I did a hard low kick and she blocked it with her knee....into the space where my foot guard meets the shin guard and there's no padding there. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWCH >_< @#$&#(@ Muay Thai people. lol Stop being so good at checking kicks. "Oh, are you okay?" she said. "Oh yeah, I'm good, I'm good!" I said, limping. I was not good. "Gimmie ten seconds!" I finished the round totally flat footed. lol I managed to hang in there, despite getting punched in the eye. Aaaah the eye!!! I took a round off. Five minutes later, I could put weight on it again and sparred somebody else and John. Then I went with Fanny again and kicked with the right leg only. AND IT LANDED FUNNY and the OTHER ankle got hit. ommgggg @#(*$# Muai Thai people. Stop being so good at kicks and hitting people and stuff! ;_; and I got hit in the OTHER eye. Now I have ice on a few different body parts, and my mom baked me carrot oatmeal bread. YAY! That is love!! 🙂 btw You can support me and my friend Heather by buying my signed photos in my website store!! We're splitting the profits - my gas money, surgery money for her dog! roxy fense small