crazy travel dream with Heather and carry-on bears

I had this dream that I was taking some trip with Heather to a far away place. Japan?

And we had to take plane, but there was some construction around the airport, so we were having trouble going in the correct entrance to find our gate. We couldn’t get into the airport!

We walked and walked with our luggage, and finally asked this guy in a police suit, who told us to go down this path, and turn right into this building. Then we’d find a car that would take us faster to the next entrance. We passed all these other travelers piling into cars and busses and trucks that would take them to their gate without missing their flight. It reminded me of some evacuation scene.

I’m like “Hurry up heather! We only have twenty minutes!” She was all smiles and cheerful, not stressed out at all. “This way, right?” So we go the way he said, but it was like into this abandoned warehouse. I’m like, “I don’t think this is right” but she said, ‘I’m sure it’s fine.” 😀

We passed this arcade and ran into my friend from California Rudy (Whoa, Rudy cameo) who wanted to play DDR. I said, “We don’t have time!” so we left him there trying to play. LOL

I told Heather we should go back, but she didn’t want to, so I followed her. We still had 20 minutes. We continued on and came to this scary looking basement room with broken machines and toys. It was dark, so she went over to slideing glass doors and pulled back this curtain to let in some light. It was dusty and dirty, as if it were abandoned 20 years ago. Suddenly this male-elf doll came to life and started trying to play pranks on us, and this life-size teddy bear also. Then this monster freezer started talking to us. But then Heather captured the elf, and then let it go so it started being nice. I was friendly to the bear, so it started to like us. They promised to tell us the way to the airport, if we’d take them along because we are now all friends. XD

hahahaha @my subconscious for creating this scenario.

So Heather said, “Sure, we’ll take you in our carry-ons!”
I protested, “Heather, I want to take them, too, but it’s alife-size BEAR. How am I going to carry him on?!” She said, “Get a garbage bag! :”D

So we started looking for a garbage bag. I got a big black one, put it over the brown bear’s head… looked at it….was like “It’s freaking huge, I can’t carry him!” and then I woke up.

😀 😀 😀

My dreams are really easy to understand. I want to travel to Japan with Heather (we’ve discussed this, and it’s impossible) and last night I was watching Naruto while holding onto my large stuffed brown bear from childhood. 😛…