We made Paper Plato’s sister!

So when I was in The Ultimate Fighter house, I made a man out of toilet paper rolls, and named him “Plato,” because his head was a paper plate. lol

This scene was shown in episode 4. (photo credit FOX sports1/ZUFFA)
introducing plato

plato and ralph2

When I went into the gym the next day, our little 9-year old jiu-jitsu star in our kids class Rhyanna told me that she really liked Plato and wanted to make one. I laughed and told her to start collecting toilet paper rolls. A month later, she said, “I have a lot! Can you come over and make it with me?” I said, “After my fight, yes.”

So…it’s after my fight, so today I went over and we built another Plato! Rhyanna decided it’d be “Plato’s sister” and we’d call her “Playco.” hahaha! I had so much fun! Those kids are so cute! And they were so excited about it, and were jumping all over me trying to choke me. “Love chokes.” haha jiu-jitsu kids.

The preparation!

Cutting the strips of tape!

Showing them how to line up the rolls and tape them together.

Half done!

Playco is finished!! The mother got plastic gloves, even, cottonball eyes, and Rhyanna got her old shoes! lol

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