Why are some people mean to fighters?

Okay, I guess I’m new to the ‘mainstream fame’ thing, having just fought in the UFC for the first time. I’m used to all my fans being supportive and encouraging. So when I went on the UG forums and saw people saying I was the worst ever and should retire, I was shocked. Of course, tons of people were very nice and supportive.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That’s my favorite saying. I only took it personally at first, because I want my fans to enjoy my fighting. Some people didn’t. But many people said the complete opposite, and that I was great and greatly improved. Just like people are like, “I adore Ronda!” and the next thread is “Ronda is a *****!”

Okay, okay, so I refocused to my own satisfaction about my fight, and I’m happy about it. I have a plan to become even better, so I have hope. I’m excited to get back in the gym. Yes, my striking is awkward…. And that’s fine. 😛 You guys don’t wanna see cookie cutter fights anyway, right? That’s boring. And I’m making it work. So when I KO my next opponent with a strike nobody saw coming, you guys’ll be like, “Oooh she’s so ninja!”
So it’s okay what the forums say. ^_^

So that being said…. Now I’m just trying to figure out humanity. Talking about someone to someone else is like…whatever. But saying things to someone’s face is…mean. Right? I mean, I believe humans are inherently good. Why would you say something with the purpose of hurting someone’s feelings? I’m talking about tagging fighters on Twitter. Like THIS one:

mean tweet

I’m gonna ignore these from now on, but I have to say something first.

I’m saying, it’s OKAY to say your opinion. But why are you tagging me? Why tag Tara, too? So we notice the tweet and feel crappy about ourselves? And Julie JUST FOUGHT a hard fight like 10 minutes ago! So you WANT to hurt our feelings? *cocks heads* Why would you WANT to hurt our feelings? This one’s not even SO horrible, but this person tags us all.

I just can’t understand it. I’m so puzzled.

It’s like…something you learn in kindergarten. (I taught kindergarten btw) Wouldn’t you feel sad if I were mean to YOU? What if someone has a serious depression problem, and because they lost, they couldn’t feed their family, so they jumped off a bridge and DIED? Would you feel good about yourself then? What if I went into my room and cried all night? Does that make you feel good? I mean, on the night of someone’s fight, after they just fought hard under a lot of pressure. Who knows if they were sick, or injured, or perfectly fine, or whatever. I’m more pissed off about this one tweet than stuff said about me on the UG. People were just saying opinions there. Tagging us was just malicious. _< Some people tell me to just say off the internet and I’m ‘empowering’ the ‘trolls’ and mean people who want to bring us down. But WHY do they want to bring us down? That’s my question. Maybe I’m just a naïve girl living in a Disney world. …