I’m fighting in the UFC!

I’m fighting in the UFC this Saturday!

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just said those words.

It’s my dream. Literally my dream! Born ten years ago, I decided I wanted to be in the UFC! I knew I had to get a job to make ends meet, so for 10 years I’ve been working and training full time. My career started suffering for it. Then The Ultimate Fighter happened. Man, I’m so excited!! 😀 Win or lose, this is a major life’s goal!

But I’m going to win. I’m going to perform well. Some people say I fight awkwardly and I don’t deserve to be in the UFC. The first part is right. I have to prove the second part. Believe me, I know. I don’t want to embarrass female fighters. If I suck, I shouldn’t be in the UFC, right?

See, after the TUF show ended in July, I was so impressed with the training I got, and detailed instruction in English (as opposed to Japanese). I had lost my fight to Jessica, and didn’t know whether or not I’d be offered a fight in the finale.

But what if? I had saved enough money to be alright without a job for bit. I’m 31 years old, with 10 years of fighting under my belt. If ever was was a time for me to give this my all, it’s now. It wasn’t before, where the support just wasn’t there. NOW females are in the UFC.

So I gambled on the CHANCE I’d be offered a fight, I quit my wonderful job in August (which I miss very much!) and moved back to America September 1st. My mom offered to come live with me, so we can split the rent! :] Oh how wonderful! Former coach Bryan Caraway suggested Las Vegas. Okay. I visited some gyms chose Syndicate MMA as my gym.

team syndicate
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Actually, my exact words to head coach John Wood were, “Would you be my coach?” I love Japan and my gym, but I needed an individual coach to take me under his wing. I ask a crap load of detailed questions and need somebody to tolerate me and my learning style. lol

john and roxy ready for battle2

I love my chiropractor Jake Steckel ( @JacobSteckelDC ) who keeps me on the matts.

jake roxy revgear

I love my training partners/ friends who will come in early or stay late to help me train.
heather roxy circuit2
Heather Clark

I’m so happy. I found out for sure that I’d get a fight in October, and found out my opponent more recently. It cracks me up when people ask who I’m fighting.

The first rule of The Ultimate Fighter is that you don’t talk about the Ultimate Fighter! 😛