training hard, Cody B. came, attack of the BJJ kids!

My friend and TUF Tate Teammate Cody Bollinger came to Vegas this Monday, for training and to compete in Grappler’s Quest this coming Saturday! He came with his wife, and it’s so cool finally being able to meet her. I love them both!

cody and roxy at syndicate

It’s hard to express just how cool it is to hang out and train with Cody again. We both went through the unique pressure-cooker of being isolated in the world of the Ultimate Fighter house. Kind of like being reunited with a classmate with who you struggled through a particularly crazy class; or meeting a friend with whom you took a safari with, your truck broke down, and you got lost.

Okay, it sounds dramatic, haha. We STILL didn’t get to spar at Syndicate on Tuesday, so definitely today, or else! Lol I’m glad he likes Syndicate!

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My training this week has been fantastic. Lots of good technique on Monday shown by Mike Pyle. Man, I’m gonna use it, for sure! Drilling with Heather and a few other guys, sparring rounds and rounds with Heather and Miesha, working technique with Cody, fantastic technique with coach John. I’m so happy.

Last week, there was a car accident on Blue Diamond highway, and one former jiu-jitsu student of Syndicate’s was hit. I think she was killed, or badly injured? When I assisted teaching the kids class yesterday with Rick and Chris, Coach Rick said a few words:

“Learn to adapt an attitude of gratitude. You are not guaranteed tomorrow. Appreciate your life, family, your ability to come here and do jiujitsu….”

It’s true. And I do that. Especially, if I’m having a hard day, or in pain, I start listing off all the positive things in my life. It should be impossible to run out. See if you can keep going without running out. It’s fun to try. And makes you appreciate what you have. Life, mobility, love, family, home, friends, can do MMA, have a computer…etc.

So the kids class was fun. After the little kid’s class, I think a boy in a blue gi was hanging off Chris’ leg and wouldn’t let him walk, so Chris tied him up and pretended to wrist lock him. I ran to get my camera and took a series of pictures to tell the tale. This is what happened:

Chris: Haha, I got ya!

kid: aaaaarg! heeeelp! *flail flail*

Little Rihanna to the rescue!

Chris: aaah!



Another joins the fray! Attack of the mini jiu-jitsu fighters!!…