Vegas drivers pt 2., strength of a child

I’ll start with negativity and end on a possitve note.

I talked before about bad Vegas Drivers.

This is part two.

I am one of them. For several reasons.

1) tinted windows.
I CANNOT SEE OUT OF THEM AT NIGHT. omfg can anyone else?! I almost pulled into someone because I couldn’t see them through the tinted window. And today, a car honked really loudly at me when I pulled out, but man, to be fair, there was something wrong with that guy’s headlights. They were dim, like parking lights! plus the Tinted windows. Are they tinted because of the Vegas sun?

2) small street signs.
I’m sorry, but when I’m speeding down a major highway at 60 miles an hour, it’s almost impossible to see those tiny green street signs until you’re almost on top of them! wtf is up with that? I’m trying to find a street I’ve never been on before, and I’m so scared I’m gonna wiz by it or something.

3) confusing lanes.
First of all, there are no solid lines on the roads. They’re all little bumps. Most are white. And then turn lanes. I found myself wondering, am I allowed to be in this lane? It’s like…in the middle of the road….which side does it belong on? or can I cross this line? can I make a U-turn here?

when you go from I-15 south to Tropicana, and also from I-15 to Silverado, when you turn left, you automatically find yourself in the turn-only lane to get back ON I-15, so you have to somehow switch to the right in the span of 5 seconds. Luckily, the multiple times I’ve had to do it, there’s been nobody in that lane.

4) Traffic lights.
There are traffic lights on major highways. So I’m always afraid to step on the gas for fear that I’ll have to slam on the breaks soon. But the speed limit is like 55. -_-;

🙁 I’m trying really hard to be safe.

/end rant

Today I met with the owners of the company “Dominate your Game.” They provide services to athletes, such as supplements (Muscle pharm), nutritional counseling, recipes, etc etc). They agreed to sponsor me! I’m so excited to be working with them! Thank you! Today they handed me protein, BCAA, and fish oil pills!
dominate your game

I worked out in the morning, while a BJJ/grappling tournament was being held on the Syndicate mats. It was cool seeing our kids compete. Some won, some lost. A few people recognized me, and we took pictures together. That was cool. 🙂

I was doing step-ups on a huge tire. In between rounds, this man and his son who looked about 9-ish, came over and sat down. The boy looked bummed out. The father started saying things like “In this sport, we sometimes win, and we sometimes lose. But we can’t get discouraged, and we have to try hard….” etc. The son had obviously just lost and was upset. I evesdropped for a second, and then pipped up.

“Your father’s right, you know,” I said. “I lost my last fight…”
“Hey!” the boy said. “Aren’t you on TV?”
“That’s right. So I lost my fight, and it was really hard, but now I’m so excited to get back to the gym and practice hard. I want to win the next time, so I’m working out hard here.” I paused. The boy just stared. “You know, it’s really awesome that you’re going out there in the first place. It’s a great challenge. You should be proud.”

“What do you say?” the father said.
“Oh. Thank you,” he said.

I smiled and went away to keep training.

One hour later……….

I had finished training and was heading to the lockerroom. The father stopped me. “Thank you so much for talking to my son,” he said. “He lost twice in the no-gi division and was upset, and said he didn’t want to do the gi division. But he did it and got the gold metal!”


I was ecstatic! Maybe he would have done it anyway, and his father gave a good pep talk, but I’m thrilled at the possibility of adding to his accomplishment.

Then superman Chiropractor Jake Steckel worked his magic on me, so I’m not in constant pain. For a while. Thank youuuuu!! <3 In the evening, I hung out with Heather, first in the dog park (Benny kept trying to eat my pants!) and then at her place. We rented Startrek: into Darkness. I hadn't see it! It was great! 😀 😀 😀 …