By body was crying, my heart was laughing

My shins are so bruised, they are actually swelling up from the skin. And my ankle is swollen from kicking badly. I did the morning grappling class, and I could barely function when someone gripped my shins to pass my guard! In fact, every step hurt my left shin.

But you know, if I wanted the pain to stop, I would just quit MMA! 😀 Haha!

So I did some fun stuff in grappling and leg attacks! We rolled a bunch of times.
Then time for the striking/sparring/MMA class! I regretted doing the grappling class first because it tired me out…… NO I DIDN’T! 😀 No regrets! I just wish I could train forever, endlessly, like a machine! :< Or like Heather Clark. As I warmed up (again) for the 11:30 class, I kept muttering to myself, “If I wanted no pain, I’d quit MMA. If I wanted no pain, I’d quit MMA.” And I smiled. Because it releases chemicals in your brain that lift your mood. See? There’ve been studies, yo.

We learned the superman punch (‘superwoman’ for me and Heather) and Coach John taught us stuff that I hadn’t know before about it. So now I know why Sarah Kaufman dodged my superwoman!! So we did that, and then sparring. The main reason I dragged myself to the class was to try the technique that John showed me yesterday on the mitts. But it was countering stuff, and one guy would NOT attack me, raaaar ~_~ I couldn’t seem to find my groove in another one match…my final one was the hardest. My body was just like, “Enough. Adrenaline is the only thing keeping you on your feet now. Stop.” My mind had to be like, “F*CK YOU, BODY” and kept going.

Static X

soooooo the round ended and it was crazy. I was really happy with my movement and combinations! I was able to throw stuff without feeling off balanced, that I used to be off balanced before! SO FREAKING OUTSTANDING. Of course, there’s lots to fix, but I’ve come to the right place.

And my body started crying. But I was so happy I was laughing. That’s what happen if I push myself past that “shut the fck up, body” point. I’m actually mentally totally fine and happy, but my body is so exhausted and pissed off at me, I have like tears rolling down my cheaks, and I’m laughing.

So, naturally, my partner thinks he hurt me, and my coach and everyone thinks I’m insane! 😀 It happened on the TUF show, too. I’m not insane, I promise. Well, not too much.

THEN we did MMA. Of course, I hadn’t done it in a week, so I had to do it. My body was like “no” and I was like “fck you” and went with Heather. It was awesome. But some things were frustrating, and I kind of freaked out again. Heather is such a wonderful supportive training buddy! <3 <3 <3 I looooove you!! It was an excellent day. Then the awesome sports chiropractor Jake Steckel worked on my back for a bit! THANK YOU! He is awesome. Anybody in the Vegas area who needs a chiropractor, seriously, hit him up! I will introduce you. @JacobSteckelDC on twitter. jake steckel
In this picture, he looks so serious, but it’s kind of a “I will destroy your pain” kind of serious. 🙂

I’m so happy.
team syndicate
Look, new picture of my new team Syndicate! 😀 😀 😀
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