I got a car, maybe apt., NAGA, looking forward

So on Friday I didn’t train, but after posting the blog, I went to a Toyota Dealership because I love Toyotas. I used to have a corolla, so what the heck! Let’s see what they got. The salesman was nice.

roxy car salesmaqn

But I test drove it and it felt nice…. and it was a good price! I talked to the salesman’s boss, too, and he was nice, too. The boss saw me on The Ultimate Fighter! 😀 That was cool. And a random lady came up to me while I was in the Toyota shop and shook my hand.

I left the place, uncertain, took the bus home, talked to mom and dad and checked other car notes I had on my computer. (It took me like an hour to get home because I had to walk so much….I was walking freaking all day. My legs were gonna fall off x_x) It had had FOUR previous owners, and 90,000 miles on it. :/ I ended up stopping at a Nissan dealership (more bussing and walking) and didn’t see anything, SO I WENT BACK to the Toyota dealership and bought the car! Some people would say I should have gotten a mechanic to look at it. A friend had given me the name of his/hers but I forgot it, and also who told me, so I was like, screw it.

Cash! My hard-earned money, years of saving, working as an English teacher in Japan. X_X No, I don’t have designer bags. No, I didn’t travel around Asia. No, I don’t have a TV or video games….I HAVE A FREAKING GORGEOUS TOYOTA!!!!! XD and I don’t have to WALK anymore! Look at my new babyyyyyyyy! I think I’ll call him “Lee” because he’s a 2008 Tokyota Corolla LE.
roxy 2008corolla
😀 😀 😀 😀

I left the place at 7 PM. x_x I had been out since 9 AM that morning….

I met a Facebook friend, Perry and his wife, and they took me out for a lovely welcome dinner! 😀 😀 😀 THANK YOU! man, I’ve never had that kid of food before! Antelope. Wow. O_O and ten billion kinds of cheeses. I wanted it ALL. But I couldn’t eat any more! Don’t worry. I won’t make a cheesy joke or anything like that. XD
cheesy roxy


roxy robyn perry
Today, Saturday, I wanted to do a conditioning class, but it was cancelled for NAGA. So I DROVE and visited this athletic club recommended to me, and I freaking love it! But I’m not sure I can afford it. We’ll see! I got weights in. Met a few trainers! Got recognized!

Then I DROVE and visited this apartment….I LOVE IT!!! I haven’t finalized the deal, yet, though. I saw a second place and it had bugs. The manager in the office said, “Don’t worry, we have pest control come by and spray once every two weeks!” I was like, “Ummmmm that’s a lot….” and there were dead bugs in the sample room. No.

Then I DROVE to The NAGA grappling tournament! I wanted to say hi to Kipp. He was swamped and busy! NAGA was HUGE!! I almost cried I was so proud and pleased. When I did Naga 10 years ago, it was big, but not this big! Nice job, Kipp and team!

I wore my Team Tate T shirt. What the heck, why not? A bunch people introduced themselves to me and took pictures! It was so cool! I love meeting people! 😀 And some kids!

Then I DROVE to Walmart. XD And got stuff. Vanilla soy ice cream bars! 80 calories, 0 fat, 8 grams of protein. yaay! In Walmart, this young teenage girl glanced at me, and ran away screaming, “DAD!” The family came back and was like “It IS you!” and we chatted. It was so sweet! Wow! Everyone is so nice. :]

Now I’m home. u_u Colleen fights soon! Good luck, Colleen! My new amiga!

I miss Brittany. ._. We haven’t been able to talk much because this time difference SUCKS. ;_; And Steve and my co-workers and training partners….I’ll stop now. ;_; It’s only just begun. I’m trying not to look back…only forward.…