Do what you MUST do, and do it well.

Friday morning, I did my usual weight session with Mitsui-san. He added more weight to my one-armed rows. Yay, that means I’m getting stronger? I struggled. x_x But did it! 😀

I usually go to work after that, but Katsumura-san is in the Philippines to corner Nori-P (Michinori Tanaka, who has a title match!) so I’m the back up teacher in these cases. I don’t wanna train after my physical training session, so I figured I’d just instruct everyone else.

But only Arai-san came!
X_X; So I had to train. He wanted to do striking sparring, so I was trying to warm up. I could barely move. -_-; He knew I did some weights, so I think he felt bad about me training with him. I had the worst sparring session of my entire LIFE. After the first round ended, I thought, “This is not going to work. I’ll get injured. I’ll just apologize tell him to do grappling….”

No. No way. What kind of fighter quits in training? Unless injured or in pain? You aren’t always going to be your best in the ring. You can’t always do what you want to do.


I forced myself to do another round and, although it still sucked, it sucked less. I got hit because I had like zero head movement and went straight in and out, hahaha, but I did a few techniques I was thinking about, and got in a few hits of my own. I’m glad I didn’t quit. Then another guy showed up and the two men sparred, so I felt better about that, that Arai-san got some more training.

Every day is a fight.

Sooooooo exhausted. We did some grappling and my body was just not working, but did really well against that guy. I could tell he was really trying to catch me with stuff, and he defended hard, so I couldn’t get him, but almost got a choke.

Dragged self to work. Worked. “It’s okay, only 5 lessons today,” I thought. Thank goodness. I get to go home early, at 7:45 instead of 9:30. Thanks, Boss. Half way through shift, my boss comes in and says, “Can you work two extra lessons tonight? Another teacher is sick.”
I said, “Uhhh….” and thought about everything he’s ever done for me. Like the above. If I weren’t so dead, I’d be able to go to training.
“Yes, of course,” I said. Otherwise, he would probably stay. But I’m sure he had his own plans already made. Would I force him to cancel them because I was tired?

x_x; No motivation for work whatsoever yesterday. But I couldn’t go and do poor quality work. that wouldn’t be fair to the customers, and the company paying me for my services. It made me think. So many people don’t like their jobs. I happen to like mine. But I have pride. I want to do everything I do perfectly. We can’t always be perfect, though, but if we aim for perfection, then it will probably turn out at least one notch below – high quality. If you aim for “just being acceptable,” it might turn out ‘less than acceptable’ which is ‘unacceptable.’

(“do your best” in Japanese.)…