excellent training, cats in toilets, widdle angwels

Yay, the Lawson Convenience store next to my office started selling my favorite low-calorie ice cream again! 😀 Weeeeeeeeeeee!

I thought that was noteworthy. ^_~

Amusing moment of the week: Tuesday evening:
*bell rang, signaling class start* Boss is walking down the hall in front of me. He says out of the corner of his mouth, “…yer cat’s in the toilet.”
I was like, “What’s in the toilet?” O_o;;;;
Boss: Your guy’s in the toilet. Your student. *enter his classroom*
Roxy: Oh LOL *walks into an empty classroom and ends up waiting a minute*

Totally misheard that. XD Hah Irish accents + UK English phraseology. They say “in the toilet” rather than “in the restroom.”

After two hard practices on Monday, I was wiped out on Tuesday. (my training schedule is Sunday: weights, Monday: MMA x 2, Tuesday off, Wednesday: Stairs, morning MMA, Thursday: morning MMA, Friday: Stairs, morning weights/S&C, evening MMA, Saturday: off) All times not training, I’m working, except I don’t work Thursday evening.

I did my Tuesday’s dare care center kid’s outservice. AAaarg one of the girls, who actually looked mentally disabled, was biting my flash card when they got passed around. ~_~ SO annoying! Because they’re my school’s cards and I only have two sets, so now they have permanent teeth marks in the corner. (_<) And group 1 didn’t listen so well. Must have been something in the air- spring?- because on Wednesday, my kids were also nuts. One of the OLDER ones put the stuffed toy in her mouth, and then passed it, and the second boy was like, “Ewwww it has your spit all over it!” x_x; She was definitely not disabled, and looked abashed afterwards. She should be! She’s too old for that! Haha anyway, Tuesday night’s student was lovely. Wednesday morning, training was good. I took SOCK OFF and woke up feeling genki. 😀 (energetic) I love that recovery supplement! XD Body still sore, but that shows I’m working hard. I’m getting stronger! Mwahaha! Katsumura-san came at 10:30 (class start) and asked me to run warmups because he had a lot of stuff to do. Then I ended up practically teaching the whole class. LOL Afterwards, I did some special training with him on certain points! (super ninja training!!) Then I taught him the English of how to be a good cornerman. Like "Hands up! Circle out! Go for the (name of attack)! Watch out for (name of attack)! Etc. Then I shadow boxed and fed him the situations for him to practice. It was good. PPP, baby! Berlitz method! hahaha Moving on. Lol Went to work, taught the angels mentioned above. Went home not feeling totally dead. 😀 I recognize that I could have potentially taught 4 kids classes in a row, rather than 3, so I’m grateful to the boss. Thanks! I read some of “Valley of the Horses” before I went to bed. By Jean M. Auel. I wanted to read more, but I got too sleepy. ;_; Today, I have training, then bonus lessons in the evening. 😀 I've been watching Dragon Ball Z Kai lately, before work/training, or after I come home, while laundry is going, before I go to work. I'm on the part where they're on Namek, and now the Ginyu Force came and Goku just showed up. …