an ACTUAL day off, and Roxy’s new super power

I’ve been training really hard lately. 😀 I feel so great, it’s awesome.

And I can eat ice cream a lot. XD Hahaha

But I must not overdo it. ~_~; The ice cream, I mean. And training. I don’t want to break myself. This week I couldn’t schedule my Monday treatment with my therapist, so we did it yesterday. Now my body feels realigned. I walked out of there feeling literally 80% better. It’s magic. I <3 Mihara-san. He needs to become a billionaire right now, with that skill. I was feeling super beat up and all out of wack, so I just took the day off from training. I'm getting a lot of chores done, and I visited Tsuruoka-san and ate his delicious cooking at Fukuzushi. 😀 I go just when he opens, so he doesn't have any customers yet. He cooked this Tai neck fish and it was SO good. Today for part of my lunch, I went to Rosie's Pancake restaurant in Kawasaki Lazona. rosies pancake shop
The restaurant is cute, and the food is so good! It’s American owned. I like The Apple Cinnimon Custard. Haha It looked EXACTLY like the picture. It has to, or the staff would get fired, I bet.
cinimon apple pancake

At one point yesterday, a fan made this picture for me! How cool!!! 😀 I love it. It looks like I can shoot fire now! Like I became a super hero! XD But I don’t think ki blasts are allowed in cage fights. That wouldn’t be fair. 😀