Amateur shooto, naruto, food poisoning!

Sooooo on the 31st in the afternoon, I went to Amateur Shooto at P’s Lab, Pancrase’s place.
dale harley taneishi
Dale, Taneichi, Harley in the background.

I thought I’d be helping more as staff, but I ended up just watching. I wanted to help support Harley, and our other team members, but I wasn’t sure what to do with myself. In hindsight, I wish I’d done more. But anyway, they all fought very hard. Some won, some lost. I’m proud of my little Australian brother Harley. He lost by decision. I know he had a lot going on, but he dug down deep, went out there, fought hard, did his best, and put up a hard fight. I respect that a lot.

harley fight

Dale clobbered his oppoent and then got him with the ninja choke, Katsumura-san’s special move! We Groundslam members were all going nuts. When they took their headgear off, his opponent looked so freaked out. lol

Mihara-san, the osteopathic therapist I go to, also won by a well-deserved decision. He is built like greek god, and people were cheering when he flexed, and taking pictures of him with his shirt off. haha (me, too ^^;)

mihara at shooto

We went out to eat after that, and I ate a delicious meal of Okonomiyaki etc at our favorite place.

Unfortunately, I think some ingredient was bad. The next morning, I felt kind of crappy and stomachache-y. I had to go to a work-related meeting in Tokyo, so I couldn’t do the full morning practice, so I went early to do ladder cardio and hit the bag. And clear my stomach. But it didn’t go away. In fact, it got worse. Mitsui-san showed up later and was starting to show me more stuff, but I ended up having to sit out.

Dragged myself to the meeting feeling queesy, made it through, but afterwards booked it home just as the fever and chills hit. X_x; Called in sick to work for the next day, and spend the rest of the day unable to leave my futon. Actually, I forced myself to go to the clinic next door (thank GOODNESS there’s a good one next door) where the doc confirmed that it was food poisoning, and he gave me medicine.

I woke up this morning without chills and a fever, but still feeling crappy.

I googled the ingredients to my medicine. Dude, the doctor gave me like 5 different kinds of pills to take. They do that in Japan. It’s also not strong enough for my American body, so I took one extra one of everything (i.e. take one after ever meal, but I took an extra forth one). NOW I’m starting to feel better. And sometimes if I google something I found out that it’s not really what I want to be taking. What this guy gave me seemed good.

I spent all morning literally watching an episode of Naruto, then crawling back into my futon and sleeping for an hour, then waking up and watching another ep, then sleeping again. @_@;; Hah I’ve watched literally over 7 hours of Naruto today…. I don’t think I can watch any more. I can stand up now, so I think I’ll be back to normal by Thursday. Tomorrow, I’m still not sure about. I called in sick to work again, because my office co-workers have to make the lesson schedules.

a few Naruto notes:
-It’s interesting how the Kyubi (Nine Tails Fox) uses “Washi” as “I.” It’s the old style, and emphasises how he’s an ancient power.
-I like how Tsuchikage uses “wai” at the end of his sentences. It’s cool ^^;; and really dumb, but I think old guys who use it are cool, hahaha. maybe cuz Jinbei from One Piece uses it, and I think he’s the bomb.
-It’s really cool how Naruto is maturing as a person. He’s 16 now. It’s good they didn’t keep his character a kid forever.
-It’s so cool Naruto got to talk to his mom! I like her a lot. I loved that backstory.
-I’m so happy Kakashi-sensei is in the series more. He hadn’t been in for a while. He used to be my favorite character. Now Naruto is, but Kakashi is still cool.
-I’m on ep 248 now, but I skipped a bunch of fillers.
naruto chakara2