New musician “illion.” And my dear training partner…..:(

I discovered this new artist called “illion.” I noticed a girl holding a pretty, yet odd CD on the train:
and happened to see it on the front page of my iTunes when I opened it. I listened and loved the first song.

Here’s the beautiful version with words and singing:
link to page with vid embedded

The lyrics make no sense: What’under the surface they’ll fall upon our footstep
And stars above creeps below.
There’s no need for figure, comparison nor metaphor
All you do is speak in piece.


Today, I went into training and during cleaning, I made a comment, wondering where A-san was.

“He used to train almost every day with me. I haven’t seen him in weeks!” I said. Another member said, “He quit this month.”

….. what?
I literally dropped my broom.

Because of injuries. He’d have permament serious damage if he continued. So as of this month he quit.

Shock. I’m still in shock. I’m just so shook up by this. Maybe it’s partially because I’m so worried about my own injuries that this hit home. What a nightmare! But A-san. ;_; He’s pretty good, and we did MMA together. He laughed at my puns. We became friends. He even came to Jewels when I was supposed to fight. He introduced me to his wife. ground slam august kubota arai

It’s not like he died, of course, but I realize that in our busy lives, we will just stop seeing each other, so it’s just as good as never seeing each other again. That’s not a good attitude, but it’s true. I want to train with him every day! He’s my dear training partner! We bled, sweat, and got stronger together. We worked around each other’s injuries. I taught him and he taught me. I really hope we see each other again. I didn’t even say goodbye. I hope he comes and says hello sometimes.

….I’m really really upset by this. I can imagine how HE feels. HE’S the one who has to quit. I can still keep going….
I’m so sad. ;_;
monday morning class 6.25.12

This song by illion is really so beautiful. It’s done on the piano, which moves me very much because my mom always played the piano. I should stop listening to it. It’s only making me cry more. But it’s so beautiful.