I went to UFC JAPAN 2013!!!!!!!

Today I went to UFC JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this for SO LONG and it didn’t disappoint me. I went with my guy friend Tsuruoka-san, who owns my fav restaurant Fukuzushi. So exciting!
ufc ticket with kozo
My face looks so weird here. lol

roxy at ufc japan inside

So my kind-of-teammate Mizugaki fought Bryan Caraway! (He’s not a member of my gym, but we often practice together when he visits). I was REALLY impressed with both of them. They both had a spectacular fight! omg I was freaking out the whole time ~_~ It’s SO hard watching people you know and care about fight. I was like squealing and writhing in my seat when Caraway had the mounted guillotine on Mizugaki-san. _< But he got away. I think I just about had a heart attack, and then he won! And the interviewer chap tried to talk to him RIGHT THEN, but he was still overcome with emotion, so all he could do was squeak. It was so cute, but I was exactly the same. I was like... crying. LOL People should quit teasing him. XD What do you expect? I was really puzzled by Mark Hunt vs Stefan Struve. Why was Stefan standing in Hunt’s range if he had like a TWO FOOT REACH ADVANTAGE? It made absolutely no sense to me. Hunt had to JUMP to reach his head. I was confused by Stefan's behavior the entire fight. O_O And then his jaw got broken, and I feel so bad for that. ~_~ Good luck braving the hospitals in Japan because, oh, they’re all closed on Sundays. When I broke my elbow on a Sunday, they sent me home and made me wait until the next day. ~_~; bakabakashii. I hope they find one open. I actually like Diego Sanchez, but I wanted Gomi to win. I thought Gomi won. And then Sanchez won the decision, and I was bummed out. Very confusing emotions there. -_- I hate seeing someone get robbed. And WANDERLEI SILVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa OMFG I screamed my LUNGS out during that fight. I haven’t gotten that excited in a long time. I was just….screaming. And the dude behind me was screaming. I was like “OOOOOH” and he was like’ AAAAAH” I was like “Win win win go go go!” and the guy behind me was like “katte katte katte ike ike ike!” (same except in Japanese) LOL it was kind of hilarious. silva on the big screen

So Tsuruoka-san had to go home early to get to work on time, so I stood up and found this SWEET place RIGHT behind a screen. I saw everything mirror image, but it was so clear and as big as a movie screen! It was like, better than ring side because they were like double the size of life!

Guess what happened? A Japanese staff lady came over and told me I wasn’t allowed to stand up, so go sit down.

Because I’m a super dangerous fire hazard blocking the way, because there are exactly zero other people up on the very top level, so in the mad stampede to escape, I’ll be knocked over the edge and fall to a horrible death.

Probably what she was thinking?

So I said “okay,” started walking….and hid behind someone’s chair XD HAHAHA she did what she is being paid to do, and I did what I paid for. 😛
Then Silva KTFO Stann, and the whole place EXPLOOOOOODED.
I was very impressed with Stann, actually. I’m gonna look up more of his fights. He is one scary, strong-looking fighter, and I would not want to be in the same room with him. 😀 I love Silva! Omg omg what a fun time! 😀 😀 😀

I ran into a few people who asked to take my picture. That was so nice! I got recognized! And I ran into a few former training partners. How sweet. 😀 But I’m all pumped up and not tired at all.
saitama super arena
I’m gonna meet Miesha tomorrow and train and go sight-seeing!…