busy weekend, fully booked Monday, still zombie

Soooooo this weekend was busy, as usual.
My scleritis is still freaky.
See previous blog entry for pic and explanation

On Friday, I went to the doctor for a check up on my injury. The doc said I can start practicing next month, but I still have doubts, because another trainer said something else, but they’re both specialists in different fields, soooooooo. _< *sigh* Who do I believe? I DO NOT KNOW. Anyway, I'm looking forward to start training with this personal trainer. I'm glad I've been saving money. I also just ran out of supplments...glucosamine and Protein. I've been procrastinating buying more. >,< I think Buri-chan can hook me up with cheaper protein from the base.... After work on Saturday, I went straight to the gym and lifted. BORING. I wanna train so badly. THen I went to a cafe and studied Japanese and wrote my book, but wasn't as productive in my book as I would have liked. But I learned a lot of Japanese. mohaya owari

I like this phrase. I’m not sure I can use it, cuz a friend was joking around with my on Twitter, but I’m not sure how serious he was that it means “you’re dead.”

Must double-check today.
kanji ap

And I love this phone ap that lets me write kanji with my finger, and the program looks up what it’s close to. So if I don’t know the reading, I can find it. SO USEFUL, omfg. Even though my writing is so inaccurate with my big finger. It can still figure out what I’m trying to write! haha

Sunday, I got a lesson cancelation, so I got a lot of office work done.
I have a few issues that are not within my capability to resolve, so that’s been bothering me. I had four assessments in the span of two lessons, and they were a little hard because age and ability didn’t match for one of them, and plus courses we offer and the experience of people teaching these courses. I had a stress dream about it last night.

When kids are concerned, I care so much and bend over backwards to help them. :/
Then I had a meeting after work and talked about important company stuff, and my brain was SO tired and shot after that. Got home at 8 and prepared for my next English lessons. Then I translated Mizugaki’s interview for Buri-chan today (Monday).


Despite being late, I watched 40 minutes of Hunger Games before bed. Wow, I like it a lot so far!! They picked good actors!

Then I woke up at 3:30 AM thinking about my 3 assessment kids going to the US next month. _< Will they have an ESL helper, or just be thrown into the school with no language support? WHY AM I STRESSING ABOUT THIS, they are not my kids. >_< IF their parents want them to become fluent, they should buy a ton crap load of lessons and come to my school every day. I should not be personally worried about them. But I am. Is that what makes me a good teacher? Hah that's what makes me a stressed out teacher. LOL GTR FTW. (kudos if you know what those stand for) My day is TOTALLY booked, from 7 AM to 8:30PM to late, with Mizugaki's interview. I really need to talk to my boss about stuff. …