Scleritis-ridden zombie-eyed Roxy got stopped by a cop

My right eye was bothering me a lot yesterday, and I woke up today with it BRIGHT RED and like…I poked a lump and the cornea was like droopy? AAAAH WTFFFFFff At the very bottom are pictures of it, so if you don’t wanna see, don’t scroll down to the very end.

I’m just lucky like that, I guess? I can’t train, I have a cold, I didn’t even get PUNCHED and I get another eye problem? (I’ve bruised my cornea like 15 times already).

Soooooo I went to watch morning practice.
Worked a bit with Harley, and that was cool!
Omigawa showed us (him) this Judo throw for MMA, which was cool! I wrote my book.
omigawa and harley

Then I went to the eye doctors. ;_; My doctor was like, “Is it the same as usual?” hahaha No, I replied.
He was like, “Hmmm wow, you have scleritis. Take these drops and come back in 5 days.”

Uh huh. Scleritis is an inflammation of the sclera (the white outer wall of the eye). Symptoms: Blurred vision; Eye pain and tenderness – severe; Red patches on the normally white part of the eye; Sensitivity to light – very painful .Yeah, Wiki.

But that’s not going to stop me from going on with my day! My day off from work! ;_;

So I put in drops and went and saw DIE HARD 5, baby! Yippee Kai-yay! It was good, but I think it could have been better. I wasn’t really interested in the plot. I wanted more witty dialogue. ~_~; They didn’t utilize Bruce’s dialogue/ acting ability to his full potential. But the car chase scenes were amazing! I wonder how many cars they destroyed making that movie, hahahah.

Then I went to my friend Kozo’s restaurant Fukuzushi. My legs were kind of bothering me, but I wanted to go away. ON the way, I wanted to take a picture of my eye, but it was dark, so I stopped near a vending machine where light would reflect.

I didn’t see anyone around, because, it is kind of weird and embarrassing. lol

Then a cop came up to me. I thought he wanted to use the vending machine, so I moved and started to walk away, but he was like, “Wait a minute… Are you a traveler?”

WOWZERS, MY FIRST TIME being stopped by a cop! He was polite, and I explained that no, I’m on my way to a friend’s restaurant. o_O; “You caught me taking a picture of myself, how embarrassing! hahahahaA” I laughed.
He said, “Gee you have a really big bag…. what’s in it?”
“Oh, nothing,” I said. “I’m studying Japanese! Look!” I whipped out my notebook.
“Are you a student?” he asked.
“No, I’m an English teacher,” I replied, starting to get a little uneasy. “Am I suspicious? I’m suspicious, aren’t I?” I said. “Taking pictures of myself and all.”
He laughed! “haha no, no, but I’m sorry, can I see your residence card?”

So then I had to explain that the ID card also doubles as my actual VISA, so if I lose it, I’m screwed, so I carry a photo copy. He got kind of stern and told me that I should always carry it around with me, but then he smiled and said I could go.

Yeah yeah. As I said. Lose visa = screwed –exportation or police station

Luckily you can’t really see my freaky looking eye unless I look down.

I made it to my friend’s restaurant, and I was the only one there for like two hours, so we chatted a lot and he cooked me the most delicious fish dishes ever!!!
I love Fukuzushi. ^^


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scleritis 2

That was the pic that got me stopped by the cop. If I hadn’t been acting suspicious….haha



it hurts, tho ;.;…